Friday, March 7, 2008

Father, Husband, Raider

World of Matticus did something really cool on his blog. He lived blogged one of his guilds Raids. So I decided to do the same thing last night with one of our raids.
I threw in a little twist though. See, Honorshammer is a Raider, but he's also a Husband and a Father. How do you work in all three in one night.

5:30pm Pick up Lil Hammer from school.
6:00pm Get home, help Mrs. Hammer in the kitchen (dishes/groceries/preparing dinner), help Lil Hammer with her homework.
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Playtime with Lil Hammer. Her favorite game at the moment is Westminster Dog Show. Somehow her dogs always win first prize. Mine do not fair as well.
8:00pm Lil Hammer's Bedtime. Log into WoW.
8:08 Raid Invites start for our 8 o'clock raid.
8:15 Our 8 o'clock raid is 16 people strong. Only 9 more to go. Horde at the stone though.
8:30 Our 8 o'clock raid is now 20 people strong. Only need 5 more! People are having to run to the instance twice as the Horde decide to camp the entrance to SSC.
8:45 We're just two people short now. Horde still hold the stone.
9:00 We're full!! Just have to get the people through the mass of horde and get buffed up and start pulling.
9:07 We start on the trash
9:35 Trash is done and we start fishing up Lurker
9:43 Wipe on Lurker. Our DPS on both Lurker and the Guardians was way way low. Raid Leader determines we are too tank heavy and healer light and switches a tank, who was trying to dps, out for a Holy Paladin.
9:57 Start our 2nd attempt
10:05 Wipe again. We are losing our CCers to Spout. They claim on vent to have gotten in the water, but think they might have lagged. I don't know.
10:09 Start our 3rd attempt
10:17 Wipe again. Melee DPS got destroyed by a combination of Whirl and Geyser, which left too little DPS on the Guardians.
10:20 Start one more time
10:32 Lurker Down.
10:43 Raid Called. Our Druid Main Tank for Tidewalker was not online.
I'd love to tell you that this was an atypical night for us, but it wasn't. Our first pull was an hour after our scheduled start time of 8 o'clock and we called the raid 45 minutes before our scheduled end time. Instead of an easy 1 shot, we wipe multiple times.
After the Raid, I took care of a couple of things and ran an AB for the Daily with a combination of Mal Katai and Heroes Inc.

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I thought that was kinda cool man, cool post