Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fishing In The Dark

Tuesday night, we went back to The Eye and killed Void Reaver again. For some reason it was harder the second night than the first, although we did get hit with some bad luck (first wipe at 3%, second wipe at 1%). Just 1 DPS staying alive would have turned either wipe into a kill.
We were typically looking really good against the enrage timer early on, then as we lose more and more DPS, we get closer and closer to hitting the enrage timer.
He dropped a Plate DPS helm, and another Hero token and a Defender. I'm pretty sure Brindall, one of our tanks, got the T5 token. MKP bids were still really high, with people spending 80-90% of their MKP on the tokens.
We lost too much time getting started and wiping to get any attempts in at Solarion, but now he's fair game for Thursday. Nothing I really want from him although our Rogues and DPS Warriors were salivating in vent just at the mention of doing him. His tank drop is a set of boots, but my Sabatons of the Righteous Defender are comparable.
I've heard from others that Solarian's trash can be a good source of patterns, so here's hoping for a Belt of the Guardian to drop and for there to be a Blacksmith in the raid with Vortexes.
After the Raid, I went to do my Artisan Fishing quest.
It took literally two casts to catch the Feralas Ahi this time.
After I had him, I flew up to Desolace for the Sarenthis Striker. He was very easy to catch. Then I flew to Ratchet and caught the boat over to Booty Bay. Then I rode up to the Savage Coast and reeled in a Savage Coast Sailfin.
Next it was another flight, this time up to to Netherguard Keep. A short ride later, I was in the Swamp of Sorrows.
After the Ahi, all the fish were pretty easy to catch.
But whoever designed this quest must have played Horde.
The Ferals fishing spot is about half a zone away from the Alliance flghtpoint, and you have to catch a boat from the Alliance town, which is on a little island over to the mainland. It's about a 2 minute ride from the Horde town in the zone.
The fishing spot in Desolace is literally right outside the Horde village. The one in Stranglethorn Vale is within spitting distance of Grom'gol. And the one in Swamp of Sorrows (where the Alliance doesn't even have a flightpoint)? It's just a short ride from the Horde village.
With 4 spots, you would think that two would be convenient to Alliance and two would be convenient to Horde, but this was not the case.
Aside from that minor quibble, the quest was pretty cool. Good thing I was a level 70 though, because the Horde tended to ignore me, as I ignored them.
Up until recently, I've never thought much about fishing. I never saw the use in wasting the time to level it up.
A couple of things changed my mind.
The first was Galo. He makes money hand over fist and one of his main tools is his trusty Fishing pole.
The other is my need to make money. There are some things I can farm well as a Prot Paladin (Demon Hunter Supplicants, Etherels south of A52) but for the most part, I'm not a strong farming class. Fishing gives me a way to farm up some gold.
Also, I can fish up my own stamina food, and other foods that I can send to the bank for MKP contributions.
Finally, fishing is kind of a relaxing activity in game. Just kick back, click on the bobber, loot.
Now I just need to buy a pair of overalls and a nice fishing hat.

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Galoheart said...

Really good to level up your fishing. A tank lives on Buff foods. Personally I've always done well having tons of buff food, some having a meat to fishing equivalent. Before Outland I did have at least 375 fishing if I can recall.

It is relaxing and not much exerted effort like grinding. When I fish these days its in my down time or inbetween heroics waiting on a group or just plain just fishing for fun. Having a full stack of various buff foods is valuable to me though. But if you know "where" to fish it also saves you time having to decide where to go to catch or for relaxing money.

It all depends on the pricing on your server also if you have excess fish. I make good money from fishing. However I also understand from over time which fish is more sought after for cooking leveling and buff for raiders. In 2.4 there will be lots of fishing quests and some rare nice stuff from fishing, so even more reasons to level it. Consequence is now you will have more people fishing and the potential to dilute market supply economics.

I usually find fishing for at least 30 mins often with a set of lores can help you level up easier over time if its not a big hobby.