Monday, March 24, 2008

High King Hex Lord Moroes

Friday night we didn't have any 25 man raids happening, so the officers grabbed a group and headed into Zul'Aman. We had a new person in the raid, a Holy Priest named Dulue, so we opted to try Bear first because it's a less technically challenging fight. I got a nice streak of parries and dodges on the first Furious Roar the Bear Riders did and hardly took any damage from them.
Bear Boss is one of the fights where I really enjoy having the Hit Rating on the Aldori Legacy Defender. Now, I'm not sure if it was because I had ALD or because I was waiting until I saw the animation of the Bear actually attacking Brindall (Warrior Tank) to taunt, but I never got a taunt resist or a failed taunt the entire fight. Usually, at least once on a Bear boss attempt, I'd taunt and nothing would happen. Sometimes, I'd get a Resist message across my screen, but sometimes, I would not receive any message. I'd taunt, and the Bear would just keep smacking away at Brindall.
We grabbed our loots and the first chest and headed over to Eagle. We explained the fight to Dulue. The way our group handles Eagle is to move the edge of the square where he is tanked when the Storm warning gets close and then haven everybody run to the spot where the storm spawns. We lost Dulue on the first storm, but got him back up with a Battlerez.
2 bosses, 2 timed chests. Eagle dropped a nice Plate DPS chest which Brindall already had so I picked it up for a Ret set.
We moved onto Lynx.
Lynx trash isn't too bad. I grab the little lynx while Brindall grabs the Handler. I kept trying to taunt Crunkbaby 's pet. His pet had the exact same skin as the Lynxs in Zul'Aman. Of course whenever Crunkles died, Raistlan (Mage and Skinner) would try to skin him. We got through the trash with no problems, but we only had 3 minutes left on the timer. I don't see at the moment how we could have done the trash much faster. I guess getting our 3rd timed chest is going to take some gear. I wager that at some point we will be able to run ZA with only 2 healers which would open up a spot for an additional DPS.
We moved onto Dragonhawk. I have decided that Dragonhawk trash is the worse trash in the entire game, a distinction previously held by the Arcane blobs right before Curator. I've heard the Suppression Room was rough, but I never got to do BWL at level 60.
What makes Dragonhawk's trash so annoying is the constantly spawning scouts that run at warp speed to the nearest drum and summon a whole zerg of trolls. Of course while you are fighting this huge zerg ANOTHER scout spawns to go summon even more trolls. The scouts can aggro from several time zones away, and continue to spawn until you kill the Dragonhawk.
Did I mention we had a new person in the raid? I did, good. Dragonhawk is not too bad of fight. Brindall has an uncanny knack for finding a "safe spot" amongst the firebombs, so I tend to just camp wherever he is standing. Plus if I get blown up there, I know he got blown up too. If we have trouble on Dragonhawk its usually because of a teleport with a Hatcher up, in which case I'm running around trying to aggro the hatched Hawks while dodging firebombs.
We were doing fine until he hit enrage and the rest of the bird all spawned at once. I don't know how my healers kept me up. At points I was literally at 3 digit hit points. But they did keep me up. We AoE'ed down the birds and went to work on Dragonhawk himself.
With 4 bosses down, the path was paved towards a new boss, Hex Lord Malacrass. Hex Lord is a fight just like Moroes or High King Maulgar. The boss comes with 4 adds that have to Crowd Controlled or killed. We got the Snake, a Blood Elf Priest, some sort of Frankenstein looking undead and a Marsh Shambler Elemental.
We sheeped the snake and healer, shackled the undead and offtanked the Elemental. Brindall actually put me on Hex Lord and had himself offtanking the adds. The Elemental put a nasty disease on one of our party that ticked for some decent nature damage. Our mage who was sheeping the healer had gotten too close on the pull and got 1 shot by Hex Lord before I could grab him. The healer broke out of the sheep, but we got to him pretty quickly after the Elemental went down.
Our problem was Hex Lord kept Soul Stealing our Priests and healing himself. After a while our healers mana was depleted and we wiped. It was our first pull of him, so that's expected. Unfortuneately, it was getting late so we had to call the Raid at that point.
We feel like it shouldn't take too long to learn Hex Lord and then it will be on to Zul'jin himself.

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