Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Welcome to Honors Code. Today's post will lack any mention of the P word or any reference to the number 2 in close relation to the number 4. There will be plenty of blogs today that have 2s and 4s strewn all through them.
Last night was kind of a strange night for Mal Katai. I logged on at my normal time, and found that nothing was really going on. I immediately got asked to tank a Heroic Mechanar. I was pretty excited about this. It's hard to write a guide to Heroics when you aren't running them much.
That first room is also a little tough to get pulls down right, but once we got going we did pretty good. Our PuG Mage disconnected just as we got upstairs but Akivarr, one of MK's Shadow Priest came to rescue to help us finish the instance.
I picked up an Abacus of Violent Odds for my Ret set. One day I might actually take it out of my bank.
As we were finishing up our Heroic Mech, I find out we are going to try DoomWalker. DoomWalker is a outdoor World Boss. We've downed him once or twice, I can't remember.
The problem with the way we do DoomWalker is that we aren't real stealthy about it. On a PVP Server you have to keep your World Boss attempts as quiet as possible. It only takes a couple of Horde to really screw up your attempt.
When I got to DoomWalker, one Horde was already there. Ideally, you don't want the Horde to know you are trying DoomWalker until you pull him.
My job on DoomWalker is pretty simple. I build threat and wait for the Overrun. Then I taunt him and bring him back to Trelic (Feral Druid) who was our Main Tank for him.
I think I'm doing something wrong. Just as DoomWalker does his Overrun, I get tossed all over the place and then he's out of range for me to taunt. I wonder if I shouldn't hang back with the range and wait there for him to charge.
We lost Trelic at some point so I taunted him and started tanking him. He hit the 20% Enrage mark and someone said "Bye Bye Honors". At 20% DoomWalker enrages and hits twice as hard. I was getting hit for 14-16k. Luckily for me, I had 20k buffed HP. My healers were fantastic, and got me topped off after each hit. I tanked him from 20% to 12% before I ran our Priests OOM. I was pretty happy with myself for being able to take some hits from that big ole pile of scrap metal.
He bounced around and eventually wiped us.
By now more Horde had gathered. Right before our next attempt, a Horde Paladin trained Doomwalker onto our raid. Several people took to the sky while others engaged DoomWalker and the rest engaged the Horde. We recovered enough to at least make an attempt, though we lost about 4 people in the chaos. Then a Horde Priest got into the act and started fearing the tanks. He would be killed, then rez, fear the tanks again and be killed again.
I think it would be kind of cool for a dome to form over the area where you fight Doomwalker when you engage him that prevented anyone from the opposing faction from entering. But I play on a PVP server, so no such luck there.
We again got him into the single digits before wiping. At this point we had to call the raid as too many Horde had joined the fun.
The ironic thing for me was just a week or so ago I had seen the very guild that was wiping trying DoomWalker themselves. I choose not to interfer with their attempt. I try to treat people how I would want to be treated if our positions were reversed.
It's a mistake I don't intend to repeat. Next Horde guild I see doing DoomWalker or Kazzak is going to have a little HAMMERTIME!
After the raid, I kind of blew up in Officer Chat. I was tired and frustrated by the Horde interference. I have sense made my apologies. I really thought I had gotten my temper under control. I guess I was wrong. I didn't like the person I was last night, it's not who I am or want to be. It's funny how sometimes you think you've got something licked only to have it come bite you in your Dwarven derriere when you least expect it.

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