Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Limited Quantity

I've reached the point of my raiding career that I realize that I have to start picking and choosing the upgrades I go for. Everything is on a DKP basis now. I need to save my DKP for the things I really need and not use it on things I really don't.

What follows will be a slot by slot analysis of my current gear and the upgrades available to me from the Bosses we are killing. Then I will make a list of the stuff I should spend my hard earned DKP on.

Head: Tankatronic Goggles

Available: Hard Khorium Goggles (Engy) Crystalforged Faceguard (Vashj), Faceplate of the Endless Watch (Doomwalker), Battleworn Tuskguard (ZA)

Comment: Tankatronics should last me until I can get the recipie for Hard Khorium so I don't plan on spending much DKP on the T5 helm which I'm sure will go for max bids.

Neck: Barbed Choker of Discipline

Available: The Darkener's Grasp (Kael), Frayed Tether of the Drowned (Fathom Lord)

Comment: Both of these options are nice. We will only kill Kael a couple of times, if ever, so I will really need to save up my DKP for the neck.

Shoulders: Justicar Shoulderguards

Available: Crystalforge Shoulderguards (VR) Pauldrons of Stone Resolve (ZA)

Comment: Both would be nice, but Stone Resolve wouldn't cost me anything.

Cloak: Slikk's Cloak of Placation

Available: Pheonix Wing

Comment: I dig the Hit on Pheonix Wing, but it's not going to be a high priority.

Wrist: Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx

Available: Wristguards of Determination (VR)

Comment: I like the Wrirstuguards but again, I can't see spending much DKP on them.

Gloves: Iron Guantlets of the Maiden / Justicar Handguards

Available: Crystalforge Handguards (Leo), Royal Guantlets of Silvermoon (Kael)

Comment: Just like the necks, both of these are amazing upgrades.

Waist: Girdle of the Protector

Available: Belt of the Guardian (BoE Crafted)

Comment: All I need is for the pattern to drop and get the Vortexes for my favorite Blacksmith.

Legs: Unwavering Legguards

Available: Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor (100 Badges), Crystalforge Legguards (Fathom Lord)

Comment: Badge ones are better than the Teir 5, so hopefully the other tanks blow some major DKP on their T5 legs.

Feet: Sabatons of the Righteous Defender

Available: Solarian's boots

Comment: Not a real big need as Righteous Defender server me well.

Ring: Ring of Sundered Souls / Seventh Ring of Tirisfalen

Available: Ring of the Stalwart Defender (60 Badges)

Comment: Just takes Badges, so I'm set here.

Main Hand: Amani Punisher

Avaiable: Fang of the Levithan (Leo)

Comment: Punisher is good enough, I'll leave this for my mages and Warlocks.

Shield: Merciless Gladiator's Shield Wall

Avaialble: Aldori Legacy Defender, Bulwark of the Amani Empire

Comment: Really could use either one of these shields.

Trinkets: Darkmoon Card Vengenance, Moroe's Lucky Pocketwatch

Available: Battlemaster's Audacity (30k Honor), Commendation of Kae'thas (Heroic Magister's Terrace)


MKP Targets:

Royal Guantlets of Silvermoon (Hands - Kael'thalas)

Darkener's Grasp (Neck - Kael'thalas)

Crystalforge Handguards (Hands - Leotheras)

Frayed Tether of the Drowned (Neck - Fathom Lord)

Crystalforge Shoulderguards (Shoudler - VR)

Aldori Legacy Defender (Shield - Gruul)


Low bid targets:

Phoenix Wing Cloak (Back - Al'lar)

Wristguards of Determination (Wrist - VR)


So this is good. I can stockpile for DKP for a Neck, T5 Shoulder and Gloves and Gruul's shield. Meanwhile ZA provides a couple of upgrades.


Did I miss anything obvious?


Aarogan - Black Dragonflight said...

Doesn't the Darkener's grasp come from killing Kael'thalas and getting the orb as a quest? Do you have to spend MKP on getting the orb, or can everyone loot the orb? I guess I assumed that when everyone looted Kael'thalas they were able to get the orb.

Honors Code said...

I think it works like Mag's Head. It can only be looted to one person.

BigFire said...

faceplate dropps off illidan.

Honors Code said...

Thank you Bigfire, I corrected it!

Anonymous said...

ZA shield wouldn't cost you MKP though, right? So perhaps you should try to farm ZA whenever possible and not spend MKP on Gruul's shield.


BigFire said...

As good as ZA shield is, you might run into situtation where you actually want defense on your shield.

When I finish collecting my badge FR gear in anticipation of fighting Illidan, I noticed that I'm well below defense requirement. I had to strip off stam trinket and SoR libram and switch shield just to get my defense up to an reasonable level. To that end, I ended up using Nightbane shield.

Galoheart said...

Hmm, dunno if your looking to collect the new Chest piece which may be missing in the list.

However since I also reference your list since your future ahead, I recently picked up the Protector badge belt. I have to do some gear juggling to equipt it. For the most trash I still wear my Blue Waistguard. However I've seen Belt of the Guardian and can get it crafted from someone in one the T5 guilds on my server. I know its a good waistguard for trash and with the blockvalue on it. However Is it worth it to get that belt crafted as and alternative gear set Belt for the future?