Monday, March 31, 2008

New AV

Over the weekend, I got a chance to run the "new" AV.

At first this new AV was looking a lot like the old AV. I went with a large group of Alliance and stopped at Galv. We killed Galv with little problem. We mounted up and rode on up to the relief hut with only small horde interference.

We get in, wait for Tower Point to cap and then I pull Drek, plus the dogs and I think a Warmaster or two.

Everything is going fine when all of a sudden the room if filled with 10+ horde. They wipe us.

For the next 20 minutes, we fought a battle against the horde. It really felt like a real battle with each and every inch of Alterac snow fought over and being turned red with blood.

The Horde were behind on reinforcements, and we finally retook the Relief Hut and pulled Drek again. This time there would be no stopping us. We managed to break the Horde turtle and kill Drek. The Horde had less than 10 reinforcements when Drek fell.

It seems the new AV is longer than the old one, and there is definitely more PVP going on the in the battleground than before. I was a little saddened by the change in the new AV. This is one battleground where I can go in as Prot spec and really feel like I am effective. There are mobs with actual threat tables there and my tanking gear serves me well.

In this new AV, it seems I can best heal as we take ground then do a quick switcheroo and try to tank once we reach the Horde base.

In the end, this new AV was a lot of fun. The feeling of being part of an epic battle between the Horde and the Alliance was captured very well, and of course, it didn't hurt that we won.

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