Monday, March 10, 2008


I think everyone in my guild has accepted the fact that we've regressed. The weekend came and went and we had to call the Tempest Keep Raid because we couldn't get enough people on line to fill the raid.

Sunday night, we managed to put together a Gruul's run. HKM took two attempts, and Gruul took four, if I remember correctly.

The time has come for me to make a decision about my future with Mal Katai.

Why would I want to go?

The bottom line for me is that I'm not having fun. Raiding for me is the most enjoyable part of the game, but the constant wiping and struggling with Bosses that were so simple just a few weeks ago is really starting to get to me.

We start late (often an hour or more after the scheduled start time). We end early. Players take frequent afks. In fact, one of our wipes on Gruul last night was because a Warrior went afk. Not only was the Warrior allowed to stay in the raid (because we needed warm bodies) but he ended up getting loot when we finally did kill Gruul.

We have people who can't or won't pay attention and listen to the raid leaders.

I'm running out of time. Every week we draw closer to an announcement on the projected date for Wrath of the Lich King, and the closer Lich King gets the less Raiding that will happen. It happened with tBC drew close, most guilds just stopped raiding and started getting ready for tBC. My opportunity to see the rest of tBC will be gone.

So why wouldn't I leave?

The ray of hope I have is Alterac Mountains. My officers tell me that we have 10-12 incoming transfers from that server in 2-3 weeks. That many transfers would effectively solve the attendance issues and might allow us to start progressing again.

The decision that faces me is whether to wait another 2 to 3 weeks to see how the transfers pan out or to go ahead and start looking for a new home.

The options for me on AoS are pretty limited, so in all likelihood is that it will mean another server transfer, and that would stink. I've made a lot of friends on AoS. I'd sure miss those guys.

Of course, I could end up going from from a bad situation to an even worse one.

It's a very different thing to go looking for a new guild as a Protection Paladin. In my current guild, I am treated just like any other tank. I am used as a tank in nearly every fight, and I have even been allowed to tank some Bosses for our progression kills.

It's not like that in all guilds. Some guilds view Protection Paladins as only situational tanks and only want them when those situations arise. Some guilds are still stuck in the Warrior is Main Tank mindset that dominated the game pre Burning Crusade.

Some Protection Paladins find themselves as merely a "hired gun" for Mt. Hyjal trash.

The the question I have to answer for myself is, do I stick it out, or do I jump ship.


Nilum said...

It's never an easy decision when you're thinking about the future of you and your guild. I think it comes down to whether or not you and your guild share the same goals? Friends based, pvp, casual raiding, hardcore raiding, some mix? How big do you want your guild to be?
One example is my guild, a friends based casual raiding guild that could move on to Gruul's if we wanted, but we're too small. Another guild has given us an open invitation for a merger, but we all know that we'd rather keep our guild the way it is then push forward (though all of us want to progress as well).
I hope your guild's attendance issues are resolved, and good luck.

Galoheart said...

The pondering of those thoughts in all those situations sound oh so familiar.

Farmer Rob said...

Hey Ted..Great job on VR...we had 3 of the alterec mtn folks in vent last looks like 3 are coming Tuesday or Wednesday..woot woot:)

there are a cpl more waiting for s4 as they have 2k rated teams and do not want to lose the rewards:P
The rest should becoming sooner rather than later..woot:)

Brigin said...

I know how it feels. Before I joined my guild I had to bounce around trying to find the perfect fit.

I was just curious, do you guys have a set raiding schedule? Do you guys raid everyday? Coz based on your posts I can't seem to make out what your raiding days are.

Maybe your guild needs to set raiding schedules and stick to it.