Monday, March 10, 2008

Sig Worthy

"The fact of the matter is (and I say this as a raid leader, tank officer, and Paladin Tank for a top 100 guild), it all comes down to player skill. A good Prot Paladin can function equally as well as a good Prot Warrior in all but one phase of one encounter in Black Temple." - Lore of Eredar

Here's the thread where it was said.

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Aarogan said...

Well, all I can say is that Alex needs to read maintankadin's gear pages. I took a look at his armory page, and without doing the math I am pretty damn certain that he is crushable. His gem socketing looks fancy with all stam-gems, but has no function. what good is an extra 1000 health when you are taking 5000+ crushing blows on a boss that should be hitting between 2 and 3k. If he reworked his gems, I'd have to say he could make a pretty good push at becoming a viable tank. On a side note Aarogan finally picked up Nightbane's sexy shield. Traded the warrior in the group, letting him have the breast plate if I could have the shield. Worked out well for the both of us. Still no pocket watch, or barbed chocker of discipline. Love your posts, and the new look.

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