Monday, March 24, 2008

That's What I'm Talking About, Baby!

Sunday night Mal Katai put together our Gruul farm raid. For the first time in a long time, I didn't really NEED anything from a 25 man raid. All my upgrades lie with Bosses in TK and SSC now. But I enjoy raiding almost as much as I enjoy hanging out with the MK guys in vent.
We've developed over these past few months a culture in our guild. There are little sayings or phases like "The Wand of the West", "Deil's Mom", "I'm so excited!", or "Plix!". To a new person they make no sense at all but to a seasoned MK raider they bring a smile to your face. It's really a cool thing to be a part of.
We formed up our raid. It was a mix of veteran MK, fresh MK, and the "AM guys". The AM guys referring to group of players that have transferred together from Alterac Mountains to Altar of Storms.
One of the AM guys is a very well geared Retribution Paladin. It took me a little bit to figure out how to best work with him. I wanted him in my group for the Sanctity Aura but I couldn't ask to take him out of the melee group which was just stacked for Melee DPS (shaman, warrior, Feral Druid).
I kept assigning him to Blessing of Light and kept doing Blessing of Might. He had to remind me that Ret get's a talent that boosts their Might. So I had to figure out a way to let him Might the AP classes by have one of the Holy Paladins use their Improved Wisdom for the Mana users.
Enter PallyPower. Since all the Paladins in the raid were using the Addon (thank you, guys!) I could see what each Paladin had queued up. As a Raid Assistant, I had the power ("I have the power!!") to change everyone's assignment. Basically I had the Holy Paladin Wisdom the mana users and Light the AP users, while I had the Ret Paladin Might the AP users and Light the Mana users. Except Hunters, who got both Might and Wisdom (both improved) but lived without Light.
sarcasm....They were just crushed to not get Light, let me tell you.....sarcasm off
We had some trouble on the pull of HKM. We had some new people, in some new rolls and it took a try or two to get the pull down right.
I've been transitioned from BlindEye to Olm. I stand near the Krosh Mage Tank, and run in when he pulls. All the mobs run off in their respective directions except for Olm, who calmly stands there casting something while I wind up an Avenger's Shield for a little SHIELD TO DA FACE!! action. Then I spend the next several minutes running around being death coiled from Gruul's Lair to the edge of Zangarmarsh.
Once the pull was executed, HKM went down pretty easy.
Oh and Mr. Ret Paladin, yeah, #4 on the Meters and clocking 800+ dps. Did he have an enhance Shaman, why yes, yes he did.
Then it was on to Gruul. We had absolutely no problems at all with Gruul. 5 minutes and 9 seconds after we pulled him, he was dead.
With momentum and excitement, we moved on to SSC. Hydross and Lurker were both proper one shots for the first time in over a month. This was with at least one of the healers having never done either boss, and none of the AM having any experience with Hydross.
It's taken some time, but I feel like we've recovered from the losses we sustained. The AM guys have injected the guild with new energy and excitement. Each of the players who has transferred over has proven to be a competent player. Even more important, all of them seem to fit well into the general culture and feel of MK.
Al'ar, Leo, Fathom Lord, your days are numbered. MK is BACK!


BigFire said...

It took you this long go figure out using PallyPower in raid? Most raiding paladin sort of take it for granted that if you raid as a paladin, you use this mod for buff assignment.

Honors Code said...

It took me this long to get ALL the Paladins in my Raid using it.

Raydz said...

Glad to see you rolling again man.