Monday, March 24, 2008

To Each His Own

Saturday night, our ZA group did not reform due to some real life issues going on around the Easter Holiday. Happy Easter!
So I wasn't doing much, a little fishing, a little farming. I got my Hunter about halfway towards 65.
About that time, Agamegnome, a former guildy of mine from Heroes Inc asked me if I was saved to Kara. I wasn't. He invited me to go with a group forming up from Dominion. I agreed.
He asked how I felt about the possibility of healing instead of tanking if he would pay for the respec. I was honest in my answer that I'd much prefer to tank. I also made it clear that if he was asking me to heal because someone in his group had an issue with the viability of Paladin tanks, I would not be joining the group.
I get the invite and was assured by Aga that I had a tanking spot. There were only other 4 other people in the party when I joined. One of them, a Hunter, made a strong request to not be given Salvation. Now generally the way I work when I'm the only Paladin in a group is I'll give a DPS whatever Blessing they want, up and until such time as they pull aggro. Then I give 'em Salv.
Aga told me that 3 more members were logging on but he was still looking for the last two. I took the portal to Ironforge to begin to make my way to Darkshire.
About this time, I get a tell from Wichita of Heroes Inc. Seems like Heroes was also doing Kara and he wanted to know if I'd like to run with them. They had a full group at the stone and were ready to zone in.
So I equivocated. I told Aga's group that something had come up with MK, and that I would have to drop group. I join Wichita's group and get summoned to Kara. I probably torqued off Aga pretty good, and for that I am sorry. I saw him and his group forming up near the stone.
That night, it was like I had gone back in time 6 months as familiar names filled my raid frames. Zadorr, Origami, Darolynn, Baconstrip, Wichita, Ferth, Sameth, and Danath.
We start blasting through Kara. I lost aggro on Midnight when I forgot to Salv the Ferals, but they recovered nicely and averted what would have been an embarrassing wipe.
Is there something special you have to do to get Attumen to drop the Engineering recipe. Maybe /dance before you pull or something.
It was just like being in Group 1 in Mal Katai. Pull ---> Dead Mob ---> Pull--> Dead Boss --> DE Loot.
It was weird seeing the loot box come up for Greens. In MK, they just go to the Guild bank for Enchanting mats.
As we tore through the place, I got talking to Wichita and the others about how Heroes did Dragonhawk trash. I explained how we Pyro, POM, Pyro the scouts, but get caught between the hut spawned scout and the one that comes up behind you. Ferth made a comment about Arcane mages and I replied that quite a few Mages in MK were arcane. That led to us talking about how people in Heroes and MK spec. Almost all of Heroes Priests are Discipline, almost all of MK's are Holy or Shadow. Nearly every Warrior Heroes has is either MS or Prot, most of MK's are either Prot or some sort of Arms/Fury hybrid. People in MK respec constantly between PVP and PVE specs. Heroes toons tend to stick with one spec.
I might have given the wrong impression about MK. We are really quite casual. People generally don't come to raids in PVP specs. Well sometimes they come to farm Raids in PVP spec. It's just that if we are doing progression or a recent boss kill people want to come in the spec that helps them in PVE. We often have people waiting to know if they get invites so they can go respec from their Arena build to their Raid build.
Do we "enforce" specs? Certainly not the degree that other guilds on our server have. I remember well reading about Different Strokes. They told you point for point how to spec your toon. Do we take people in PVP specs? Not generally. Does this make us Hard Core? I don't know.
In MK, that's just how we roll.
Heroes does things their own way, that's how they roll. Just like us as individual toons, each Guild must choose it's path and how it will choose to walk it.
After about 3 hours, everything in Karazhan was dead except Netherspite. We had not one wipe and really didn't even have a close call after my goof on Midnight. We had done Illhoof with no AoE classes to speak of. We had no mages and no Warlocks in the raid. We did Aran without Rogues.
It was really cool running with those guys again. I forgot how much I missed hanging with those dudes on vent. I definately jump at the chance to roll with those guys again.
The run brought my Badge of Justice count up to 135. I'll be able to buy the 2.4 Legs as soon as we open up the Vendor and start replaceing my +12 stam gems with +15 stamina gems.

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Bacon said...

Dude, there was no wrong impression given in regards to specs. We are a different breed over in Heroes and try to make do with what we have. That leads to our demise sometimes on progression, but that's the way it is. We still have a few people who respec for VR or some other event. But yeah, about 80% of the time we all tend to run a sole spec for a duration. Matter of fact, I'm thinking of dropping the Tree to make me more arena efficient.
Lastly, it was a blast running with you. Brought back some fun times.