Monday, March 3, 2008

Why Are You Doing This

Before our DoomWalker raid on Sunday, I spent some time working on the Medalion of Korabor quest chain. This is part of the chain that gets you attuned to Black Temple.

As I was doing one of the group quests in the chain, one of the PuG hunters asked if I knew that the Black Temple attunement was being lifted next patch. I replied that I did.

His obvious question to me was, then why was I bothering with the attunement chain.

Why are you doing this?

The Medallion of Korabor quest chain is one of the few chances you have in the game where you can interact with characters from Warcraft 3 and it's expansion The Frozen Throne. Most of your other opportunities come in Raid instances or major cities.

Part of the reason I so enjoyed the "Missing Diplomat" chain was because you got to interact with Jainia Proudmoore. I absolutely loved the quests in WPL dealing with Uther's Tomb and the new quest they put in with Burning Crusade where you see Uther's ghost is probably my favorite quest.

I play RPGs, even MMORPGs for the story, the lore. I'm totally excited about the rumors of a Titan themed instance in the expansion. Uldaman was one of my favorite instances leveling up because it explored the origins of the Dwarves.

I'm well aware that there are better story based RPGs out there. I was a big fan of the Baldur's Gate series and the Knights of the Old Republic series. Those games drew me into a world and a story and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

The problem with WoW is that to continue the story, you have to keep going deeper and deeper into the Raid game. The villains of Warcraft 3 await, Archimonde and even Illidan himself.

So why are you doing this?

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Matticus said...

Because the medallion of Karabor is also a kickass shadow resistance neck piece which will come in handy in a few encounters later on.