Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hammer Time!

Saturday night we went for another Mt. Hyjal farming run. We are continuing to fine tune our strategy for the trash waves. It seems the wave of 6 Ghouls and 6 Aboms are still where we get behind. It's not so much that we are getting killed, it's just that our DPS can't kill the wave fast enough.

Must like Black Morass, once you get behind in Mt. Hyjal it's hard to catch up.
We were about to call it, when I asked for one more run. I was just 50 rep short of being Honored. Honored with Scale of Sands opened up a whole new set of Jewelcrafting recipies. Once the Badge vendor selling BT gems opens up, I'm going to park myself on the Isle of Quel'Danas and sell cuts for 10g a piece.

Also during this final run, this little beauty dropped from trash: The Hammer of Judgement. I immediately rolled on it, out bidding the Shadow Priest who was interested.
I've been hoping to see this ever sense we stepped foot in Mt. Hyjal. I immediately start getting teased a bit over it's looks, but I could care less. I love the thing.
Now it's really HAMMERTIME!!

With the Hammer of Judgement, I set a new record for buffed HP. 21,600 (about 16.1k unbuffed)
Doraeallin suggested we go take a look at BT trash. Hey, why not. I've never set foot in the Black Temple. Eventually, we want to try Bosses there so we might as well go see what the trash is like.

The first problem was most of us didn't know where it was. See there is this little hole in the wall in the Black Temple you have to sneak in.

The first pack contains these mobs called Generals. They have the nifty ability to dispel every king of CC known to man (or gnome or dwarf or elf). It took us a couple of attempts but we figured out the trash and got it down. The Generals dual weild and I went SPLAT! a couple of times.

One of the next trash mobs is called an Aquatious Lord. He looks a bit like Hydross the Unstable. Great, a Tier 5 Raid Boss is a trash mob in here. I end up being picked to tank him.

My goodness this guy hits HARD, like 5k hard. I couldn't block him so I worked Avenger's Shield into the mix.

We kept pulling, more exploring than anything else. After a little while (I lost track of time), we were face to face with none other than High Warlord Naj'entus, the first Boss of the Black Temple.

This guy looks like he belongs among the crew of The Flying Dutchman from Disney's Pirate's of the Caribean movies.

I offer to slip into my healing gear, because Naj'entus is a one tank fight. Instead, Dora puts me as the one tank. I was going to Main Tank our first ever pull of a Tier 6 Raid Boss.

We tried him three times. Our best attempt was about 65%. We just didn't have enough Raid health and coordination of when to break the shield and when not to.

See periodically, Najentus will bubble. You have to look these spikes he's been shooting at the raid and shoot them back at him to break his shield. When you do, everybody in the raid take 8.5k to their HP. That'll almost kill a good chunk of our raid.

The exciting part for me was I could handle him. I could take his hits and I didn't die until my healers were dead.

It was quite an exciting night. I can't wait to get back.

I know some people weren't happy about the lifting of attunements, but man, I'm glad Blizzard did lift them. These instances are really really fun.


bobpally said...

You'll get the Naj'entus fight down eventually. I love reading about your progressions. It makes me believe that it's possible for me to do the same thing with my paladin....Keep up the great blog!!

Lakini said...

Gratz on actually getting a hammer