Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Tuesday night was reset night and after our epic weeklong battle with Al'ar it was time for some farm bosses.
I think farm bosses play an important role for a raiding guild. We struggled and fought and stressed over all the Al'ar attempts that led to our progression kill. Last night we relaxed, and completely owned every instance we zoned into. We went from being the bug to being the windshield, and it felt good. We reminded ourselves that we can kick some serious butt, but most of all we got to relax. Nobody stressed, even when we wiped. The fights weren't struggles and stressful. They were beat downs, relaxing and fun (well maybe not for the raid bosses, lol).
We started off our night with Gruul's Lair. We were breaking in a new mage tank so we were prepared for some issues. I was back on BlindEye as I was running late and the tank assignments were dished out. Also, Brindall was there on his Warrior, and as co-Guild Leader and Raid Leader he gets his pick of targets.
I start moving BlindEye into position when he gets hit with either an intercept or charge (I really need to study up on Warrior abilities). This stuns him. While I'm waiting for the stun to wear off, Olm deathcoiled me and BlindEye runs off. A wipe ensues.
We had stated over vent that no stuns were to be used on BlindEye. I drag him back to the entrance and DPS can lay into him all they want.
I talk to TrailWarrior (name changed to protect the innocent and the guilty) who I had seen intercept him. Basically he felt if BlindEye stood still for 5 seconds it was good for him to start DPS. I explained to him that I was to call for DPS once I had him in position. I don't care if he stood still for 5 minutes, wait for the call.
He pretty much blew me off. So I tried to explain to him the gravity of the situation.
Me: "Dude, you realize you wiped us, right?"
TrialWarrior: "I don't *^^%ing care if I wiped you"
I asked the Raid Leader to have him removed from the raid. I don't care if it was Farm night, that attitude is unacceptable.
He saved me the trouble.
TrialWarrior leaves the Raid Group. TrialWarrior leaves the guild.
Even on Farm night, you gotta follow the directions of your Raid Leader.
We replaced him with a Rogue and pulled again. This time we lost our Mage tank. I ran over and taunted. With the Spell Shield up,we couldn't DPS hard and I went down pretty quick.
What I should have done was taunt him, and stayed out of melee (and Blast Wave) range. If I have to pickup either Krosh or the Shaman again, I'll try to remember to do so with Righteous Defense and Avenger's Shield, from range.
3rd time was the charm as everything came together and we killed him.
He dropped a Hammer of the Naaru which I picked up for 1 MKP. I went to try it out after the raid only to realize my two handed Mace skill was sub 300.
We moved onto Gruul. Without a working threat meter, Gruul is a little dicey, especially with some very geared and skilled melee DPS we have.
At about 50%, we lost Brindall. It looks like what happened was I passed Brindall in threat (you can see Gruul melee me in the log), Brindall took a Hurtful Strike, then Brindall passed me back and took a normal.
I took over Main Tanking. Whenever this has happened in the past, the end result is usually not good for ole Hammer. Trelic (Feral Druid) went Bear form and started taking Hurtfuls. This time I was able to stay up long enough for our DPS to kill him.
I picked up my T4 Leggings off Gruul. I've been wanting to finish my 4 piece bonus and with Mag being stingy with Champion's, I rolled on the legs.
Next up was Magtheridon. This is one of my favorite fights we do right now because I get to Main Tank it. I don't need to Main Tank every fight to feel like I'm worth my raid invite, but I really enjoy it when I get the chance. I'm sure Brindall and the other tanks feel the same way. Main Tanking is fun!
Everything was going great on Mag until we got close to the cave in. We waited too long to call for DPS to hold up and he started the Cave In before everyone was topped. I went down. Somehow Trelic (Feral Druid) picked him up, but he died as well. Then Devona (Warrior) was able to pick him up after the melee were wiped out. We were able to finish him off. No Champion again, but I did pick up an Ephereum Saffire which I will be able to cut into a +15 stamina gem once I get my rep up with Shattered Sun. That is now my #1 priority outside of raid times.
Our merry little band trouped over to SSC where we engaged Hydross and Lurker. We wiped once on Hydross when right after a Phase switch, Hydross repositioned himself. We're not sure why but he must have been right on the "line" where he changes because he went Nature to Frost to Nature in about 2 seconds. The second time we killed him in under 6 minutes.
We wrapped up the night by having a little fish fry courtesy of Lurker Below.
In one night we wiped the floor with all our 'farm' bosses, leaving the rest of the week open for newly killed bosses and possibly even a progression attempt. Leo, and FLK are the only two we haven't killed in SSC before the Big 2 of Kael and Vashj.
There has also been talk of farming Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple for trash. As long as we are clearing trash to them, we might as well try a boss or two. Who knows, we might even kill one.

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