Thursday, April 3, 2008


I've run into a problem and I wonder if other Protection Paladins run into it as well.

90 Bag slots. Full. 124 bank slots. Full. BankMule with 58 bag slots. Full. BankMule with 95 Bank slots. Full.

Once piece of advice I got leveling up my Tankadin from 60 to 70 was keep everything. You never know when you are going to need to a piece with a particular set of stats on it.

It used to be that I needed only a couple of Tanking sets. Max Stamina for Heroics, Uncrushable for Kara, and Righteous for 5 mans.

Now it almost seems like every boss I do needs it's own set.

I need

  • AoE set (Block Value)- Used for:Dragonhawk, Tidewalker, Solarian, Solarian Trash, Eventually MH trash
  • Uncrushable Survival (Stamina, Armor)- Prince, Nightbane, Lynx, Magtheridon, Doomwalker
  • Crushable Survival (Same as above, but different Libram)- Bear Avatar, "Hard" Heroics (Magister's Terrace, Shadow Labs, Arcatraz)
  • Uncrushable Threat (Spell Damage, Int, Stamina)- Karazhan (except Nightbane and Prince), AV, Void Reaver, HKM
  • Crushable Threat (Spell Damage, Avoidance)- "Easy" Heroics (Mech, Slave Pens, etc), Most all trash
  • Uncrushable Avoidance - ?
  • Frost Resist Set - Hydross
  • Solo Set (Spell Damage)- Dailys, Grinding rep
  • Retribution Set (Str/AP, Crit)- For a respec
  • PVE Healing (+heal, mp5, Int)- Maiden, Shade of Aran, Eagle
  • PVP Healing (Resilence, Int, +heal)- Arenas, WSG, EotS, AB

So what to do?

I went into ItemRack and setup each Set to see what gear I was actually using. Then I went and vendored a bunch of blues like Andormu's Tear, Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard, and Sha'tari Wrought Armguards. I haven't needed those items in months, so I think I can safely get rid of them. I even vendored my Eternium Greathelm and my Bracers of the Green Fortress.

Basically the only blue items I kept were some of my healing gear, some of my Ret gear and all of my trinkets. I also kept any item that had any kind of resist on it.

I decided to keep my 4/5 Righteous because I like to keep stuff like that. I still keep 1 piece of Soulforge and 1 piece of Freethinkers in my bank along with my Verigan's Fist.

I logged into Maersk (Bank/AH Mule) and sent everything that he was holding for my alts (Hunter, Druid, Priest) back to my alts. Maersk now holds stuff for Honorshammer. I'll still send him my stuff to auction from my alts, but that's it.

That opened up some space on him.

The next step I took was to take everything in Honorshammer's bank that was not soulbound and send it to Maersk. This included the mats I've been gathering to try to have a Nightfall made, enchanting mats, engineering mats, and my raid consumables.

Then I organized a mail from Maersk to Honorshammer with all his Raid consumables in it. So when it's time to raid, I go to my mailbox and grab all the consumables I need.

I banked my PVP Healing, Retribution, and Frost Resist sets. If I'm going to PVP, I should be able to hit my bank and grab my PVP Healing gear or my Ret gear.I only need the Frost gear when we are doing Hydross.

Now all I carry is Solo, PVE Heal and all the tank sets and I have an empty 18 slot (which gets filled with Raid Consumables on raid nights).


Nilum said...

This Nightfall (

Honors Code said...

Yep. Finding a Blacksmtih with Exalted Thorium Brotherhood has been much harder than gathering the mats.

Anonymous said...

I face the same issue, and I've tried to do the same thing by sending all my mats and consumables to my bank alt. I don't know what size bags you use, but I have a mix of 16 & 18 slotters with one 20.

I don't have nearly as many sets as you do, but the fact that all the gear is soulbound makes for difficult space management. The curse of the Tankadin, I guess.

Good luck, and I'd love to see how much overlap exists between those sets. It sounds like a whole lot of items.

Honors Code said...

I'm planning on doing an update of this post: where I list out what makes up each of the sets. That post was from September just after I joined MK.

Anonymous said...

I did the same housecleaning just last week. There was a bunch of stuff that I was holding on to that turned out to be worse in every stat than something newer, so a lot of stuff got DE'ed - including my 5/5 Righteous armor. What can I say, I needed bank space, I was never wearing it...and as an enchanter, I can put it to real use as mats.

I'm also running around as Ret quite a bit lately. Love it for Arenas, BGs, and dailies. My wife lent me 2532g to get my epic flier (totally her idea; she's a wonder, eh?), so I've got a lot of dailies to do if I want to pay her back - Ret really rocks for that. So I'm spending about half the week Ret, half Prot for raids, etc. Dying to get into a Kara raid as Ret just to see how I stack up. XD


Anonymous said...

As a new tankadin I am just starting to run into this issue. Until now (lvl 64) I have only kept tanking gear since I rarely play solo. However, this week I tried to do some of the arrakoa quests in Terrokar by myself and couldn't do it! So now I am looking for some ret gear. And I carry some healing gear with me "just in case". And different consumables for stam, spell power, etc... WTB bigger bags!