Sunday, May 11, 2008

Damage Control

My first thought now that I've set things in motion, is to minimize the damage my leaving may do to my guild, Mal Katai.

Dismissing for a moment the emotional pain from seeing a friend go (as there is exactly zero I can do about it), I can see two major areas where they will be hurt.

They will lose their Frost resist tank for Hydross and they will lose their Prot Paladin for Mount Hyjal and Tidewalker.

The second problem can be solved pretty quickly by Ryken respecing to Prot. I'm sure he's gotten some decent tanking gear from Kara runs and they can Badge him up pretty quick. Nearly all my gear is Badge gear anyway. Ryken is played by one of Mal Katai's co-GM's and he's a tremendous player who always does well with whichever of his multiple 70s he chooses to play.

As to the first problem, what I have been doing is going out each day since I've made the decision (so Friday and Saturday) and farming up Primal Water from Zangarmarsh. Then I sent everything I farmed to the Katai bank. I can get about 2 Primals in a run and then I have to wait for them to respawn.

It shouldn't take long for them to gear up a Warrior with the necessary resist gear. So I think the damage done to Mal Katai can be mitigated pretty easily and quickly. I'm going to do whatever I can to assist them.

Last night, I got an invite to go to a Mount Hyjal trash party. It was mostly Mal Katai but the last 10 spots were filled with Heroes Inc guys and PuGs.

So far, it seemed that no one had read my blog, so no one other than Dora knew of my decision, and she wasn't on.

Pepe's Cloak of Pacification dropped. At first I wasn't going to roll on it, but then I saw one of the PuG Paladins (a Ret Paladin at that) rolling on it, so I threw my roll in, and wouldn't you know it I won it. I also managed to pick up a Heart of Darkness which will be good if I ever need to craft a Shadow Resist set for Mother Sharaz.

When I finally had to call it a night, Rob was ready to call the raid, mainly because I was going to log. One of the PuGs offered that he had a Prot Paladin. I had to put into Raid Chat that I thought they would be fine. There is nothing magical about the way I play Prot Paladin.


Lakini said...

I had read it, didn't figure it was good raid chat fodder.

Galoheart said...

You can farm Motes of Water in Skettis at the big lake with all the water Elementals. You can get plenty there. A few Elixir of water breathing and you can farm for quite a while effortlessly.

As a matter of fact Im having to farm some myself to make the Alchemy Trinket I need since i'm low on Primal Water.