Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here Again

I have come to the realization that I want something different from WoW than my guild may want. My efforts to try to bring Mal Katai closer to what I want have led to an increase in the stress level of Mal Katai's leadership. At the same time, I have become increasingly frustrated.

I have been putting this decision off for weeks in the hopes that things would get better. They haven't.

This isn't about 'greener pastures'. I have not app'ed to a single guild, though I now plan to start looking.

I would write out all my reasons for doing this, but I'm afraid what it would look like is just a laundry list of "Things Honorshammer thinks Mal Katai did wrong."

I don't want to do that. The officers put a ton of work into Mal Katai. I truly appreciate that. They have made the guild into the guild they want it to be.

I put an add on's recruitment forums, and got an almost immediate hit, but they wanted me to transfer to a PVE server. As unpredictable as a Server transfer can be, I want a backdoor to come back to AoS at some point.

I talked at length with my Guild Leader last night and outlined the issue as best I could. What I wanted to avoid most of all was to make Dora feel responsible for my decision.

Am I hardcore, No. I don’t really think so, but I’m just dedicated to what I choose to do around the schedule that I have.

I'm just simply “Dedicated”

Yes its frustrating at times trying to progress in a guild with players who don't take Raiding as seriously as I do.

I think everyone has a tendency to think that their seriousness level is the "right" one for WoW. Anyone who takes the game less seriously than they do is looked down upon from a gaming point of view. They think of these people as 'noobs' or 'scrubs'. But anyone who takes it more seriously is also looked down upon but from a real life point of view. This is where you see the 'mom's basement' kind of quotes.

I think the key is to discover how serious you want to be about your WoW time and surround yourself with a group a players who feel the same way.

We have a really solid core of 10-15 people. We've simply reached the point we can't carry the other 10-15 anymore.

Honestly, sometimes you have to look at what you play this game for; and if you play this game to raid sometimes you have to make some sacrifices and move away from people, even people you call your friends. Its generally nothing personal, its just the reality of the game. I have thought more than once during the time that I've struggled with this, that I should just quit a game that makes you choose continuing to advance in the game and hurting people you've come to think of as friends in the process.

Dora asked me to stay until at least Tuesday to give her time to try to talk me out of my decision.


Anonymous said...

I think if most of the "casual" people in the guild wanted to raid on a strict schedule and be in a serious raiding guild, they wouldn't have looked to mal katai in the first place.

Gothyelk said...

Wow, we really are going through the exact same thing. I wish you the best of luck. I just haven't decided if I am leaving yet.

Galoheart said...

Quote: "Am I hardcore, No. I don’t really think so, but I’m just dedicated to what I choose to do around the schedule that I have.

I'm just simply “Dedicated”

You and I sir say the exact same thing as I've said the same thing many times. I too play the game in a dedicated way its just my play style. Its why I do the things I do and Play the way I play.

However it is for that reason why when I was in Kara that lead to many frustrations with the other guild mates that why we could never have a consistent group from week to week progressing. As well as people showing up when they wanted to leaving both tanks week to week doing all the work. I've talked about that on my blog as you know.

Its for that reason that lead to frustration and lead to me quiting the guild and taking a break.

These days I don't raid anymore. I can't say I miss it much. I sleep more in peace these days and less tired. But I know it was tough decision to make and I'm sure no easier for you to make as well.

In the end everything has its season.