Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Split Personality

I was once again invited to raid with Mal Katai Monday night. Our target was Leo the Blind. The information about my imminent departure was slowly beginning to make it's way through Mal Katai.

The night was something a microcosm of my entire experience with Mal Katai. The only bosses alive were Vashj and Leo.

We started clearing Leo trash from Fathom Lord's room. We got to one pull that has given us trouble in the past. You have to pull a group around a corner close to another group and Leo himself. Somehow, someone in the raid would pull the second group. It happened again last night.

Then as we were running back, someone aggroed a group a mobs that we hadn't killed by water walking under them. They proceeded to pwn a good chunk of the raid.

At this point, I'm feeling pretty good about my decision.

We finally got back to Leo's room (that is a LONG walk), and decided to try to pull the mobs a little further back. The bad news was this left us in a very small area. One of the mobs in the pull is an elemental who summons these mushrooms which put a nasty debuff and DoT on you. We were too confined and we wiped again.

We regroup one more time, and go back to the first way we did the pull. Dora and Ryken (co-GMs) encourage everyone to be careful and not pull the 2nd group.

We finally get the trash group down and finish clearing Leo's room.

We get ready to engage Leo and realize that one of our DPS Warriors is afk. Apparently, an emergency came up in real life that he had to deal with. That is understandable, real life stuff can happen.

Instead of replacing him, we decided to try to do Leo, on a progression kill, with 24 people.

I tank the first Channeler, and then move up to Leo. I put a Consecrate under his feet and start whacking at him, waiting for him to become unbanished. Leo comes out the banish, runs through the Consecrate and straight towards Dora.

I smacked him with Judgement of Righteousness but he continues to focus on Dora. Once she is dead, he comes to me.

I didn't have time to try to figure out had happened. I just went into the threat rotation and prepared for Whirlwind.

The attempt went well until he split. I'm not sure if we lost Dotslover (Warlock tank) or what, but I started to get hit by Chaos Blast. I eventually died and Leo took out the raid. We wiped with Leo at 2%. Ugh!

We regroup again, and get ready to pull again. Our wayward DPS Warrior had returned.

This time my pick up goes flawlessly. I did the EXACT same thing I did the first time, but there was no time to complain.

The attempt was hetic, especially after we got him to 15% where you have to fight both Leo and the Demon. We were well ahead of the enrage timer and by some miracle had 22 of 25 people alive.

Leo seems to hit harder after the split than he does before. I have no idea is this is true but it sure felt that way. I almost feel sorry for Leo. According to the WWS, he missed me a whopping 62% of the time. Dual wield for the lose I guess.

After a couple of crazy, chaotic moments, I was tracking Leo through a Whirlwind, waiting to launch my Hammer of Wrath.

And then he fell!

5/6 SSC!!!

There was much rejoicing to see this guy finally go down.

He dropped a Champion token. I was closed to capped for MKP, which would be useless to me if I followed through on changing guilds. It was my MKP, I had earned it, and I had every right to spend it.

And I didn't.

This token would go to a Mal Katai raider who would be in a future Mal Katai raid. I feel it would have been wrong to spend my MKP when I knew I was leaving the guild.

These guys in MK are more than just my fellow raiders, they are my friends. I don't treat friends that way.

We still had nearly an hour before the raid was supposed to end. Dora and the officers talked about what we should do.

People started leaving the raid. We were down to about 16 or 17 people, so they decided to just end the raid, an hour before the end time, with 30+ people online.

I started whispering people in MK, thanking them for the times they had helped me and relating to them how much I respected them and enjoyed raiding with them.

The responses I received were varied. Most were sad or disappointed I was leaving, a few were downright mad, and others felt betrayed. I apologized to the ones I had hurt, it's really all I could do.

One thing I've discovered is that Dominion doesn't have the best reputation on the server and no one really knows how it got that way. I asked those that may have had a bad experience not to share names with me. I want to go into my new situation 'blind' and allow myself to form whatever opinions about the people that I will.

Given the number of past guildies who have wanted to come back to MK after leaving, I'm sure there is some wager on how long it'll be before I'm knocking on MK's door again.

Dora had asked me to wait until there were as few people on as possible to leave. Neither of us wanted to make a 'scene'.

I waited until about 2am. There were only about 10 people online. I left the guild and immediately logged.

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