Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday Night In SSC

Last night Mal Katai went back to SSC to finish up what we started on Tuesday.

A Rough Start

I could tell pretty quickly it was going to be one of "those" nights. We started over an hour late. When we did start, we were wiping on trash and eventually needed to get Raistlan to switch from his Warlock back to his mage for crowd control. I will say, in the interest of full disclosure that I caused one of the wipes. We were pulling the last Naga group before the Murloc trash on the way to Tidewalker. I went in and grabbed my Naga, then got turned around and walked too close to the Murlocs as they were patting back. I pulled the Murlocs and ended up wiping the raid.
I changed the way I was pulling the Naga and had a flawless pull the next time we tried it.

An Argument Avoided

I'm really not sure how it started. Someone was talking in vent, I think it might have been Raist, but I'm not sure. One of our Holy Priests made a comment to me that I need to relax. I first pointed out that I wasn't the one talking, but gave my own input which is a catch phrase I stole from BigRedKitty.
"Fun is fun, and Work is work. Raiding is both. Treat it as such."
Well, that got the Holy Priest all riled up. He asked me to explain how Raiding was work. I explained how we studied the encounters, prepared our gear, prepared our consumables, etc. He replied with something to the effect of doing just as well.
At this point, I stopped responding to him on Raid Chat. I didn't put him or ignore or anything like that, I just stopped talking to him. He made a couple more comments to which I also didn't respond. I let him "win" the argument. I let him have the last word. It was amazing how difficult he found it to maintain an argument, when I stopped arguing with him.
Later, after our 3rd or 4th wipe on trash, he starts complaining in Raid Chat about the wipes. I found it quite amusing that he was getting upset when we wipe because people aren't taking things very seriously. So I offered in Raid Chat "Dude, you need to relax."
What happened next was he went to whispers, explaining that he didn't have a great deal of time and wanted us to get a boss attempt in before he had to go. I asked him why he was telling me this and not the Raid Leader. He responded that I had made the comment and he thought I was trying to start some.... stuff, yeah stuff.
He basically accused me of exactly what I had done, which was throw his own argument back in his face.
So I had a choice at this point about how to respond. I could have started an argument in whispers, explaining how the very attitude he had derided has come back to bite him. But I chose not to.
Instead, I offered an apology for my comment and we went on our merry way. There was nothing to be gained. Worse case scenario would have been that I upset him to the point that he left the raid or even the guild. There was no point. I wasn't going to change his mind, and he wasn't going to change mine. All that would have been gained in an argument was hurt feelings and resentment on both sides. That doesn't help my raid or my guild.
So I "fell on my sword".

An Item Awarded

During the trash, a DPS neck dropped (Pendent of the Perilous). Dora (GM of Mal Katai) asked for bids. There were none. Under our loot system, if no one bids anyone can "Roll for 1". 1 being 1 MKP which represents 5% of the MKP cap. If no one rolls for 1, then the item is disenchanted.
So I threw out a roll.
An 8.
IIRC, two Warriors rolled. A 5 and a 3.
I won the item.
With an 8.
One of the Warriors inquired as to why I rolled on the loot. I replied it was for my Ret set. If he had really wanted the item, he should have bid on it. My supposition is that he was trying to pick up the item on the cheap, and save his MKP for Tier tokens. I actually wanted to see him spend 5, so he'd have less to spend on Frayed Tether of the Drowned if it dropped from FLK.

A Boss Attempted

We had yet another different Warrior tanking Tidewalker. This time it was Lanorah.
Our first attempt was doomed when I got graved just as the Murlocs spawned. I lost the Murlocs and they wiped us. I'm not sure if there was anything I could have done differently.
The next attempt, Lan did something (I'm thinking Thunderclap) as the Murlocs passed him. They aggroed to him, ate through his Shield Block charges. He got crushed and burst down.
Finally, we get everything right and down him. He drops a ton of caster loot.
Given the late start, the wipes on trash, and the difficulty with Tidewalker, we have to call the raid.
I'm pretty frustrated by our lack of progress this week. We were supposed to burn through SSC on Tuesday and leave last night for Progression attempts on Leo. I'm not even sure we will get back to Leo this week.
More and more information is coming out about the expansion, and the clock on tBC is running low. I guess when we did BT a couple of weeks ago, I let myself get my hopes up we actually might see Illidan before the Xpac. Now, I'm not even sure I'll see Vashj.
If I could just identify the issue with the guild, I could offer a solution to the officers.

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