Monday, June 2, 2008

3 Timed Chests

Come, come dear reader to the next episode in the life and times of a Paladin tank.
Friday Night, I logged on and immediately got asked to tank a trash run of Black Temple to help farm up Hearts of Darkness. The guild has determined we need 150 Hearts of Darkness to make Shadow Resist gear for when we get to the Mother Sharaz fight. We have about 75 Hearts in the bank right now.
I had previously committed to run Zul'Aman with some buddies from Heroes Inc. Friday is usually an off night for us, so I had anticipated being able to run with them.
I explained that I had already made plans and went with my friends into Zul'Aman. We started off with Eagle. Despite the fact that I had failed in tanking him the week before Wichita put me as main tank on him again. This time it was flawless. We one shot him, activated the chest but didn't open it. Then we hauled freight to Bear Boss. Bear Boss was also one shot. I didn't have a single taunt resisted. Again, we activated the chest but didn't waste time opening it. This would prove to be a very wise decision.
Two chests down and the timer running. We op for Dragonhawk next.
I hate Dragonhawk's trash.
We got a bad pull on a scout and he managed to hit the drum one time. Once! That of course spawned more trolls which kept us out in the open long enough for another scout to spawn. I started Consecrating to pick up the newly spawned Trolls and we narrowly avoided wiping, but we had lost valuable time.
We pull Dragonhawk with our Feral Druid (Origami) tanking him. We knew we were tight on time, so we opened nearly a whole side on the first hatch. Now it's up to me to gather the adds, and find a safe place among fireballs when he launches them.
I have to give major props to Dlow, who was healing me and cleansing off the debuff that the hatchlings put on you that makes you take more fire damage. We finished off that side the next hatch, and then took another chunk out of the opposite side. I will be working on my Fire Resist set soon in hopes of getting a spot as a Flame tank on Illidan (I can't believe I'm even writing that). Maybe I should use some Fire Resist on Dragonhawk's adds?
We put him into Enrage and he let the remaining eggs go. I gathered them up and we AoE'ed them down.
We didn't have much time left on the timer. He was at 10% but the timer was already at 1 minute. We killed him with literally seconds to go, and got the 3rd chest!
He dropped the same caster dagger he's dropped the last 3 or 4 times I've killed him. Random loot is random.
Here was our group:
I was the only person in the raid not from Heroes. Feel free to Armory them, but the only T5 bosses they have killed are Lurker and Void Reaver. Yet they (we) were able to get 3 timed chests, and that's with a bad pull on the Dragonhawk trash, plus we lost our Mage during the first bomb sequence. If we could get clean through Dragonhawk's trash, and keep the Mage up for quicker kill, we could have 3 chests with a little time to spare. Think about all the AoE pulls between Dragonhawk and Lynx.
Everyone is convinced you've got to have full T6 to get the Bear mount. I think Heroes may have other ideas.
We went ahead and killed Lynx and moved on to the Hex Lord.
This was the first time I had put any significant time into Hex Lord even though Heroes has downed him before. My biggest problem was that with all the CC going on, I couldn't Consecrate for threat. Wichita (Enhance) had to hold back at points so as not to pull. The priest who was in charge in Shackling was getting some resists. He was struggling with wearing PVP gear (for stamina to survive the AoE Shadow Bolts), or PVE gear (for Hit for his Shackles). Origami was having to shift to caster to sleep the Snake add and then shift back to Kitty for DPS. I was dragging Hex Lord all over the place to get away from traps, Consecrate, and Totems.
Blizzard really did a nice job making a complicated, challenging 10 man encounter. It gives me great hope for the Expansion.
We had a couple of less than 5% wipes. His AoE Shadow Bolt attack hits harder the longer the fight goes and eventually our healers mana was spent. It was getting late so we had to call it, but it had been a great night.

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