Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Man's Moccasins

Another Monday night found Dominion not in need of my shield. They were working on Archimonde. I had read a couple of guides for playinga Holy Paladin, and waited dutifully by in Shattrah to see if I would need to go to Stormwind and respec.

Ultimately, Dominion chose to take another healer, and my night was left open for the most part.

I was told that the Officers didn't want me to have to respec Monday to heal, then repsec back to tank for Tuesday's clear of the first four bosses and then spec back to heal again on Thursday if Archimonde still wasn't dead. It was also brought up that they wanted to keep the raid as consistant as possible and I wouldn't be able to raid Wednesday night (which was true, and something they knew when they recruited me.)

So I jumped on the Warrior for a little bit and listened into vent as Dominion threw their might at Archimonde. The plan was to not even DPS at first, just to stay alive for 3 minutes. They must have spent a good 20 minutes just practicing jumping with their Tears. Vlad wanted everyone to get it right before they pulled Archimonde.

The fight sounds absolutely crazy on vent.

While I was on the Warrior, I saw a group asking for a DPS to help finish a Karazhan run. It's Monday night, most everyone was already saved from their Badge run.

I decided to send them a tell as a Ret Paladin. I guess beggars can't be choosy because I got an invite. I changed to the PuGs vent server since I was online with Honorshammer.

I respec Ret, knocked the considerable dust off my Ret gear had been gathering in the bank, grabbed some Roasted Clefthoof from the AH and went back to Kara.

I was at about 1700 Attack Power, and the only Hit I had was from Precision.

We started on the trash leading to Chess. My very first swing of Crusader Strike and I see "You skill in Two Handed Maces has increased to 236." Would now be a good time to tell the PuG that I didn't have my 2 handed mace skill maxxed out? I decided they really didn't NEED to know that right then.

After the first couple of trash pulls I was pulling a whopping 300 dps, yet somehow I was 3rd on Damage done to people with higher DPS.

My biggest problem at first was trying to figure out what to attack once Skull went down. I decided to attack what the Tank was attacking but I lost valuable time switching targets.

The only boss I got to try was Prince. He's not very friendly to melee DPS as I was having to run out everytime he was about to Enfebble. As Baelor taught me, the first rule of melee DPS is to STAY ALIVE. It's pretty easy to calculate your DPS when you are dead.

We managed to kill Prince in 2 tries. I tried to stay behind him so I wouldn't parry gib the tank.

I had switched to Judgement of Wisdom and Seal of Command Rank 1 when I got low on mana. Prince was still about 30% at that point.

I managed 459 DPS on the 2nd attempt, good enough for 4th place on the meters. Our 2 mages must have died early or something. The shaman was dropping Agi for the tank. I know that is pretty low DPS, but despite my gear being all epic, it's mostly left overs nobody wanted, green gemed and and not enchanted.

DPSing was different, but not as much fun as Tanking.

After I left the group, I went back to Dominion's vent. They were still working on staying alive for 3 minutes. Just once person dies and it can cause a chain reaction which will wipe the raid. That must have been a rough night for them.

I dinged 48 on my Warrior, and called it a night.

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Suicidal Zebra said...

We started on the trash leading to Chess. My very first swing of Crusader Strike and I see "You skill in Two Handed Maces has increased to 236."

lol, been there, done that, still classic. Spending an hour afk in the Blasted Lands may be a wise course of action.