Monday, June 23, 2008

Crossroads For The Warrior

Sunday was interesting. I was in my usual spot Sunday morning at Church.
I don't talk about my faith much (at all) in the blog. I've made veiled references to it from time to time, and I've included some links in my sidebar, but I've never really talked about it much.
I've always been told not to discuss religon or politics because of how volitile those subjects can be.

I'm also concerned because I don't always live out my faith the way it's supposed to be lived out. In any number of ways, I've made a jerk of myself to people.

If I've ever shown you kindness, compassion, and generosity, attribute that to my faith. If I've ever shown you malice, selfishness, pettyness (is that a word?), attribute that to my own self. I'm on a journey, and I haven't mastered everything my faith is trying to teach me.

Wow, did I get off on a tangent or what?

My faith and World of Warcraft don't usually cross paths very often (read never). That changed Sunday.

The Pastor was teaching on us being relevent to our culture. He asked for a show of hands of people who played World of Warcraft.

I saw two people who I've known for a couple of years through Church raise their hands. Somehow WoW is not a topic that comes up much Sunday mornings. I went over and talked to them after service. They had no idea that I played, and I had no idea they played.

It turns out they both have low 60s characters who they play very casually on the realm Kalecgos (PVP). They asked if I wanted to roll or transfer one of my toons over there.

I immediately started thinking about my Warrior. Of course, if I moved him, he would lose his money supply from my Hunter and Honors. I also wouldn't have a 70 to go grab if I got into PVP trouble while leveling him up.

This comes at an interesting time for my Warrior. I'm debating on if I should level up his Blacksmithing or switch him to Enchanting. He's currently sitting at level 46 with 230 something mining and 215ish Blacksmithing.

It would take a little while for me to catch him up to my church friends, especially since he's just an alt. Kalecgos seems like a healthier server than AoS from the standpoint that it has multiple Alliance guilds that have cleared BT versus just one for AoS. I've heard the one AoS guild doesn't raid as much anymore.

I haven't decided if I'm going to move him or not, but I think that will factor in my decision to keep him Blacksmithing or go Enchanting. I'm keeping Mining on him regardless.

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