Saturday, June 21, 2008

Figure Prints Options

In Full Teir 4

Pose 1Pose 2

Pose 3Pose 4

Pose 5

2 pc Tier 5

Pose 1Pose 2

Pose 3


Katebeard said...

I like the 2nd option. Classic "Come on try and kill me!" look:)

tego said...

aye #2, though dont you have the t5 shoulders? they wouldnt they look cooler

Lakini said...

I'd grab the amani punisher out of the bank for this.

Suicidal Zebra said...

Phew, HH is a Dwarf so I don't have to say 'Get Judgement dammit!' ;).

Pose 2 in Tier 4 is my preferred, and Pose 5 isn't too bad either. It's a shame that the Hammer of Judgement doesn't have a more attractive skin but it is recognisable and an ideal snapshot for the Tankadin at this moment in time.

Congrats on the winning the draw!

Raydz said...

Tier 4 pose 5 looks good 2 me.

Ashuna said...

Tier 4 pose 4 or Tier 5 pose 3 for me.

lethal said...

Post #2 just says, 'Come and get some!' to me, so it is my choice.
Gear wise, no preference.