Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Maybe This Time He'll Stay Dead

My Tankadin returned to Black Temple last night. We were much faster clearing trash. Gorefiend has the easiest trash we've seen thus far in BT. The trash produced about 4 epics, an epic Leatherworking pattern, and 5 or 6 Hearts of Darkness. We are building up our Hearts supply to make Shadow Resist gear that is needed to defeat Mother Sharaz.
We spent much of the night wiping on Terron Gorefiend as various people in our raid figured out keybindings, bar mods, and how to control your ghost.
I was only a ghost one time, and it was for a very brief as we were wiping. I can tell you from even that short experience, it's harder than it sounds. Of course part of my problem was that we were basically wiping and there were Constructs everywhere, however; the largest issue I had was simply not being familiar with controling the ghosts. I had no muscle memory of where the nukes, and slows were. I was trying to figure out how to control my character while at the same time figuring out what I needed him to do. That is not a recipe for quick reactions.
We had a couple of very close calls. We had him sub 5% on at least 3 occasions, and 1% wipe was the most painful. We simply had lost all our DPS.
My main job was dispelling an Incinerate DoT that he places on a random person. He seems to do then at random times. I would try to throw a heal, but sometimes I have to cancel the heal and try to dispell the Incinerate really fast. A couple of times, I got caught in a global cool down, and nearly lost the person I was trying to cleanse. If a person wasn't pretty much full, the first tick of the DoT would kill them. I figured out that Incinerate had some sort of cool down so I could throw a Flash of Light or two right after he did it.
But I was frustrated because I was sitting there with a full mana bar. That was a resource the raid had that was not being fully used.
So I went maverick. Well, not really, but I expanded my role without really asking or getting permission. I stationed myself behind Terron Gorefiend (I didn't want to parry gib Kee who was Main Tanking). I judged him with Wisdom which activated my auto attack. Trust me I know my 41.5 DPS weapon wasn't going to to wow anyone, but this is a DPS. I didn't want another 1% wipe.
Immediately after the first Incinerate, I would cleanse, and Flash of Light the Incinerate target. Then I would do my normal rotation of Consecrate, Judge, and Seal of Vengeance. The cool thing about Vengeance is that it is a DoT. So while I was sitting there cleansing and healing, the DoT was slowing ticking on him.
It was past our designated end time, but no one in the raid wanted to leave him standing with reset day facing us. We decided to give it 'one more try'. I don't know what it is about a "Last Try" that brings out the best in people. On that attempt, the ghosts were handled well up until the very end when the raid got very chaotic. We had survived long enough, and gotten enough DPS on him. The last 1% slowly ticked away, and after a very long night we found ourselves victorious!

In our final pull of the night, I wound up doing 1/2% of damage to Gorefiend while Cleansing 11 of 14 debuffs, healing 15 times, and returning over 56,000 mana to the raid with Judgement of Wisdom. I've become the role player whose contributions don't really show up in the 'box score' the next morning.
I thought Dominion was 4/5 4/9 when I joined them, but I was wrong. We've corrected that small oversight now.
It makes my blood boil just thinking about our next target!


Galoheart said...

Was kinda wondering in situations where your not actually tanking and not really doing much on a fight or being usefull whichever it may be are you able to switch to a dps weapon set to add more dps given all the spell damage your packing in your gear as a protect paladin?

Since you may not be actively tanking would being able to switch to like a 2H weapon or spell weapon for more spell damage with say Libram switched to like Libram of Devine Purpose for more spell damage "since not actively tanking".
Would that help or could that have made a difference?

Then again not many 2H spell weapons in the game usable by a paladin as it is thats packing lots of spell power usable in a dps roll. I got my Epic Hammer of Righteous Might that I use when I'm dpsing or farming with heavy spell gear on as don't always need a shield.

Ataris said...

He will not stay dead... there are a gazillion noobs questing in SMV resurrecting him each day ;-)

Gratz on your kill, though!

Gothyelk said...

Awesome and grats. Very well done on finding some roles to fill and making yourself useful beyond your raid defined role without jeopardizing that primary role. Great initiative.

Did you have a different gear set you use for these types of situations? I carry around a spell damage set which gives me improved DPS as well as more mana for those times I'm playing centerfield.

Honors Code said...


I was pretty much in my PVE Healer set (+healing, Intellect, mana per 5)