Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now And Then

Long time readers of my blog may remember a post I did about a Gruul's Lair back in October. After the run, I ran into Stonegrad, who was a Protection Paladin in the most progressed guild on our server. At the time he had just obtained a Fang of the Leviathan off of Leotharas the Blind. I'm the dwarf standing next to him with my D3 shoulders (that I thought I'd never see drop) and my Eternium Greathelm off Opera.

At the time I said "Maybe one day, I'll look like that, maybe not."

Last night, I logged in and grabbed my T5 Shoulders from the vendor.

I guess one day is today.

I decided to go with hybrid gems (Parry/Stamina, and Dodge/Stamina) to get the stamina socket bonus.

Here is the comparison of the T5 Shoulders to the T4 which I have been wearing for a very long time.

It looks like the T5 is superior everywhere except for Block Value.

Now this brings me to an interesting question. What do I wear for Mount Hyjal trash?

I could wear my T5 gloves and Shoulders to get the Tier 5 2 piece set bonus, or I could go with the block value on the Tier 4 shoulders and Tier 5 gloves.

The other complication that has nothing to do with the actual stats is how visible they are. When I switched into my trash gear for BT last night (which is 4/5 T4), I got an immediate tell asking me where the T5 shoulders were. So I put the T5 shoulders on. The 2 piece bonus on T4 is the superior one for the jobs I am asked to do in BT right now.

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Galoheart said...

Gratz on the Epic piece.

Only 2 Blues I still have are my T3 Shoulders and my long time 1H Weapon. Since I'm no longer really raiding I don't see replacing my shoulders anytime soon. Dosent help their are no badge shoulders either. But I'm all fine with it as ive always made the best with what I have.

However if you keep moving forward underered with focus eventually your time and moment will come as Well as anyone else. But the key is to keep moving forward. I have that as my personal motto on my blog. More likely in the next expac as well.

Used to wonder my self long ago in blues if I would every wear Epics seeing everyone else look all glowing and shinny. Seem like a long time ago looking back as well. Oh how times gave changed since.