Monday, June 9, 2008


There will not be many updates this week. I've got some exciting stuff going on in my other (some call it 'Real') life this week that is going to keep me away from the computer most nights. Basically, I won't be getting home most nights until at least 10pm. Assuming I went straight to computer, most raids and groups will have been formed and well under way.

Blogging is great because you can look back a year later and see what you were doing. A year ago today, I was making my 7th run in Steam Vaults for my Devilshark Cape. I think it finally dropped on run 11 or 12. I still use that Cloak even today for Mt. Hyjal.


Chris said...

Have fun with the RL stuff this week!

RodStewart said...

Wow, took me over 20 runs for my Devilshark Cape.

Now if I could only decide which enchant to use for it.

Turns out getting to 102.4% avoidance was nowhere near as hard as I anticipated and that even in my block value set with all stamina gems (save on enduring talasite used to get my meta gem bonus) I'm still way over 102.4.

Good news is, I'm far enough over 102.4% to use a threat libram instead of the libram of repentance.

lethal said...

Wow, i feel guilty.
Devilshark Cape dropped on my first SV run, so did the Breastplate of the Righteous.
However i passed on the breastplate as there were 3 pallies in my group.
Biggest mistake ever.
Never seen the breastplate again...