Monday, June 16, 2008

Top 10 WoW Moments

It seems quite a few guys on the Tankspot boards were doing this 'shared topic' so I thought I'd throw my list out there.

  • 10. The first time I walked into Stormwind.
    • I had been playing the game for about a week, questing around Northshire Abby and around Goldshire when I got a quest to go to Stormwind. It was amazing. I was just in awesome as the music came up and I saw the statues of the Heroes, and the guard on his horse. Then I rounded the bend and suddenly there were people everywhere of every level, race and class. It was amazing.
  • 9. Ding 70.
    • I was soling Banthazar in Nagrand. I had taken special pride in the ability of Honorshammer to solo same level elites during his leveling time. So when I was close to 70, I went out to Nagrand and found Banthazar, the elite Clefthoof. I soloed him down for the ding.
  • 8. My first time through the Dark Portal
    • This was it. A new Expansion, a new World. I remember being spellbound for a good minute or so and just looking at the sky. It was so different, and so beautiful.
  • 7. My first Karazhan
    • It was one year ago, today, that I went with my friends from Heroes Inc to Karazhan. I had read and heard so much about it, and now I was finally going in myself. I was going to be raiding. This was it. I tanked Attumen then tanked them as they formed up, for our first ever Raid Boss kill on our first night in Karazhan. I was in all blues, except for a green ring and no epics.
  • 6. Mount Hyjal
    • I was a huge fan of WarCraft 3 and The Frozen Throne. Now, here I was fighting along side Jainia Proudmoore, and the Footmen and the Dwarven Riflemen. I wish Blizzard had included a Mortar Team ("Mortar Kombat!!") or a Siege Engine.
  • 5. My first tanking experience
    • It was Maraudoun, and I was Ret spec at the time. I didn't even know what tanking meant. I will forever be indebted to the Gnome Warrior on Dark Iron whose name I forgot who taught me what to do and gave me a shot at tanking. This was months before the Burning Crusade or patch 2.0 (where we got our taunt, Shield toss, and damage reduction on Righteous Fury).
  • 4. The epic PVP battle for my Darkmoon Card Vengeance
    • If you haven't read the story, you really should. I had a 10 minute pvp battle with a Resto Shaman because the Darkmoon Faire was in Mulgore. I won, but the dang cow Ankhed and killed me.
  • 3. The night Adam (aka Aoesrus) and I started playing the game.
      He was a Human Warrior and I was Human Paladin on the Rexxar (PVE) server.
  • 2. Hurtful Strike Tanking Gruul
    • This was the night I proved to many in Mal Katai that Paladin Tanks could work. It was night I proved my doubters and naysayers wrong. It was a night the officers of Mal Katai came to my defense. When Gruul finally fell, I knew I had been vindicated.
  • 1. Main Tanking Magtheridon. Pre Nerf.
    • This was the best night of my tanking career. I was called upon to Main Tank Magtheridon. When Drew was questioned about why it would be me instead of a Warrior, the response was "Well, Mag hits really hard and Honors has a crapton of hit points." I was prepared with every consumable you could think of. I had read every strat and watched more movies than Siskel and Ebert. We wiped on him all night, and made 18 attempts. Our "last try" everything fell into place and we killed that overgrown lizard. I stood over his corpse knowing that I didn't kill him, but he died because of me.

There are many more moments that I left off this list like

  • The night I got my Pocketwatch. That made every single piece of gear I had epic.
  • The night I hit uncrushable
  • The night I crafted my Turbo Charged Flying Machine,
  • The night I Main Tanked Upper Black Rock Spire (at 60)
  • The night I Main Tank Zul'Gurub (at 63)
  • The seemingly endless nights of farming Scholo for Deathbone plate
  • The night I main tanked Hydross (Frost)
  • Killing Lady Vashj
  • Getting my first piece of Tier 6 gear
  • Main Tanking Leo
  • Getting an officership in Mal Katai

There have been many many moments over the past year or two that have been amazing. In the end, that's why you play the game, to have those amazing moments and hopefully to make some friends along the way. The next expansion pack can come, and the one after that, but I will never lose the memories and feelings that I have had thus far.

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