Monday, June 2, 2008

VR Is Bugging Me

Sunday night was our DSS (Desperately Seeking Shoulders) run to Void Reaver. He is still 'bugged' in that Deadly Boss Mods will not announce where the Orbs are going. We discovered another bug with him. During two of our attempts he randomly went around killing a couple of people and chucking Orbs. The strange part was that he had no target (as shown in Target of Target).
We had discovered last week that taunt sort of worked on him. It gave you aggro but didn't change his target. I had postulated that it was a bug in Omen. We tried the same thing Sunday with the Warriors taunting whenever the cool down was up. I threw my Righteous Defense (Paladin Taunt) in there as well, but every time I did, I saw an 'Immune' message come up. Omen didn't seem to give Righteous Defense the same aggro gains as it did Taunt. But we noticed some additional strange behavior on Sunday.
He would change to a different tank than the one on top of the aggro list, or he would go after a DPSer who was 10k to 20k below the tank.
We got into this big discussion on vent. Was VR bugged? Was Omen bugged? After two wipes, we decided to try one more time. DPS would stay frosty (not go all out) and the tanks would not taunt. Everyone was to aggro wipe (Vanish, Feign Death, Invisibility, Soul Shatter, etc) every time their cool down was up.
Our Warrior tank (Kee) held him for about the first 3 minutes, then I took over. I ate at least two knock backs (my toon would get thrown away from VR) and VR was still on me. It alternated between Kee and myself for the whole fight. We had plenty of DPS, and he went down without much of an issue. As a Tank, I really have it easy on this fight. Run in and generate as much TPS as possible. The DPS and Healers are running around, dodging Arcane Orbs and trying to stay under the tanks in threat. I don't envy their jobs.
He dropped 2 Hero tokens and a Champion. I put in my bid for the Champion token and wait to see if I had the most DKP to get it. Then Fly (Dominion's former MT, who was on his Shaman, Icifire) mentions that the token should be defaulted to me. Vlad (GM/RL) agreed and I was given the token.
I felt a little uncomfortable getting more loot defaulted to me, but this is the loot system Dominion uses. I only hope it doesn't cause additional drama.
Since we had a little extra time, we decide to go try to kill Solarian. As we work though the trash, the healers got into some discussion about the various healing classes, and which one was best, or which one would top the meters. I thought this kind of epeening meters talk was reserved for DPS. One of our Resto Druids got very upset when someone pointed out that he was beaten out by other classes on Void Reaver. He started pointing out everything about the Void Reaver encounter that made it difficult for him and how he was at a disadvantage due to his healing target.
Vlad shut the discussion down explaining she was just picking on him and it wasn't serious.
Somehow from that discussion, Paladins came up and Protection Paladins in general. I don't recognize voices yet, but my ears piqued when one of my fellow Paladins started saying "The only thing Prot Paladins are good for is..."
At which point I cut him off.
"I suggest you choose your next words very carefully"
I have no desire to cause drama in my guild, but there is no way I'm going to let anyone talk trash about my chosen Spec without a fight. He claimed he was Prot at times too so he could talk about it which brought a little friendly laughter from the raid. He never finished his thought and I let it go without another comment.
Such is the life of a Protection Paladin, constantly doubted by most of the players around you, and sometimes, doubted even by yourself.
We pull Solarian's trash, which is quite fun for a Tankadin with several AoE pulls. I'm still waiting too long to call for AoE, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Even as it is, I still have trouble with the Seed spamming Locks pulling off me.
Vlad explains the "Dominon" way of doing Solarian. Most guilds adapt strategies to fit their own strengths, weaknesses and past experiences. I'm going to say the positioning on where I was supposed to stand wasn't clear because I didn't go to the right spot. Vlad was trying to get me into position when one of the healers missed that they had the Wrath debuff and blew up the raid.
I hit my positioning perfectly the next attempt and we downed her. Did I make a mistake that contributed to a wipe? Yup. Did I make it again? Nope.
I hearthed out, but it was late so I didn't end up grabbing my shoulders.


Lakini said...

Honor's, I'm going to have to disagree that most players around prot paladins are constantly doubting them. There is no spec in the game doing anything that most people are worried, doubting, thinking or anything else about when they are around. Don't let a couple of people's questions make you think the world is against you.

Galoheart said...

Never like it when other players talk trash about my class spec either. On my realm ive had discussion with a few people like that as well as in Heroics. In discussion with other paladins its often the ones that somehow leveled mostly Ret who then switched to Protec for last few levels. Most seem to never can cut it in the long run been tanks or not want to work the gear so the go the easier path to getting to raids and be Holy. That my usual discussion with the ones I run into. So I often ask why done you still tank? Answer is well easier to go holy and heal.

To me those players are not the dedicated Paladin Tanks that make the class shine. And in talking to some if those players on my realm they the ones that gripe the most it seems. Tank who never could cut it being a Tank. Even in Heroics I hear it sometimes or someone snicker. I'm like " So just where is your Tank at?" and they like well I don't play him much or too hard to gear.

In my opinion thats a Wana be Fake Tank.