Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Believe In Now

"The Past is what you learn from, the Now is what you live from" - Herman Edwards, Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs
Last night was a real learning experience for me as my guild took on Archimonde in Mount Hyjal. I was in a different group than I had been in our previous attempts. This time I was more behind Archimonde on the side near the little lake.
I can without question pin one of our wipes on my own error. I got Air Burst and used my Tear of the Goddess a little early. This caused me to take about 50% fall damage. That was too much, so the next time around, I tried to wait a little longer to use my Tear. I overcompensated and waited too long, hitting my Tear just as I was about to impact. It was something akin to opening a parachute too late and I 'cratered' causing my death. It should be pointed out that one other member of my party also cratered at the exact same moment. Perhaps there was something odd with the location to which we were running. Nonetheless, I failed the raid on that attempt.
Thinking back, I was having two interrelated problems most of the night. The first had to do with range. It seemed like my group was set up on the very edge of my range to be able to hit our Warrior Main Tank with heals. (Yes, I was Holy for the night. Every class has those fights were it's better and worse, Archimonde just happens to be a fight better suited to Warriors).
When we came out of a Fear or from running from a Doomfire, I would run in, often slightly past my group to get range on the tank. My heals have a range of 40 yards according to my spell book. This caused me to be out of range of the tank on multiple occasions. The second and much larger problem was that a Doomfire would spawn directly on my position. I don't understand it. When I was on the other side of Archimonde, I always had great visibility on Doomfires and they seem to spawn near him. Yet, here I was, nearly on the edge of my healing range, and having a Doomfire spawn basically on top of me. Something seems amiss to me. Either the Doomfires do spawn very far away from Archimonde or I was closer than I thought despite getting the "Out Of Range" message when I tried to heal. Despite eating a couple of Doomfire from their sudden appearance on me, I was never the first one to die on any attempt.
I hope to be able to put the lessons I learned to good use the next time Dominion kills him.

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