Friday, July 11, 2008

Hi Ho

It's time to play the music
It's time to light the lights
It's time to meet the Raiders in Black Temple tonight.

It's time to get to the Stone
It's time to buff up right
It's time to raise the curtain on Dominion's Raid tonight.

To introduce our guest stars, that's what I'm here to do, so it really makes me happy, to introduce to you.....Najentus, Supremus and Shade of Akama!

And now let's get things started
Why don't you get things started
It's time to get things started
On the most sensational inspirational celebrational Raidatational
This is what we call the Dominion's Raid!

Hi Ho and welcome to Honors Code!

At Honors house, we've recently Nexflixed Season 1 of the Muppet Show. I loved watching them as a kid and now I'm introducing them to my daughter. So I've got Muppets on the brain right now. Some of the costumes the guest stars wear make you want to go "My eyes! My eyes!" Did people really dress like that? I don't recognize half of the celebrities, but my wife says some of them were big on Broadway back in the day. Even though the shows do show their age, the Muppets had no problem making my daughter burst out in laughter.

As you might have surmised, Dominion took our raid to Black Temple last night. Beforehand, we had a little guild meeting for everyone to enjoy the place the guild is in right now. Progression is moving forward, and morale is at an all time high. We are really trying to capture the vibe in the guild right now. We will need to remember these night as we struggle through the rough fights ahead of us.

I got a chance to express some of what I wrote in the blog about Tuesday night. Even though it feels like everyone in my guild reads the blog, that's not entirely true.

I was impressed by our Raid Leader. She took time to thank not only the people who were there at the Archimonde kill, but basically everyone in our raid team. She pointed out the contributions made by everyone who took a turn in all our learning/wipe nights and those who paved the way Tuesday night for a clean night of attempts and eventual kill on Wednesday.

The trash was pretty smooth, even the nasty General pull before Najentus was made easier by two of the random mobs being elementals, so we could banish them. My favorite part of trash was when I was assigned to the big hydra looking mob.

Our regular Main Tank Warrior did his usual great job on Najentus. I actually switched into my soloing/spell damage set and tried to do 'dps'. There is enough splash damage going around that keeping the mana pool up isn't a huge deal, but my damage is pretty weak. I did close to 300 dps.

We did one shot Whoah Ugly. You will now not read about the loot because despite the fact that the best Paladin Tanking boots in the game are hidden in his little cesspool somewhere, he didn't give them up.

On we go to Supremus. My guild has taken to putting me on Demons quite often as my threat seems very good on them. At one point during Supremus trash, our Raid Leader disconnected from WoW but was still in vent. We were able to keep pulling, and I think that's a positive sign for our team.

Supremus gave us a challenge. The first attempt, we lost one of the offtanks nearly every Hurtful Strike. We use 3 tanks on Supremus, so that Hurtfuls never go to our melee. I was a focus target in every Kite phase (or at least it felt that way). We really got in trouble when I was the last target of a Kite phase. That means I was running away from him when he switched back to the Tank and Spank, but I was miles away and not able to take a Hurtful. I ran as fast as my Boar's Speed boots on my short little Dwarf legs would take me. I would have given my left arm for a Holy Charge skill at that moment. Eventually the raid buckled, and I'm not even entirely sure why. He stayed on the tanks but we lost all the Range and Healers. We simply didn't have enough people up to kill him.

We regroup and pull him again. Everyone does a much better job. Then towards the very end of the fight, I get caught between two Volcanoes. I was running from one right to where another spawned. Because I was still trying to move to Supremus, I was using a strafe technique. This caused me to run at less than full speed. I took too much damage from the Volcanoes and died. Bad Hammer.

Luckily, he was low enough that we could finish him off.

Supremus is something of a nemesis for one of our Holy Paladins. It's a tough fight for Holy's in general because you need to be moving so much. But this week, this week my Holy Paladin friend did NOT die on Supremus. I was pretty proud of her.

We ended up melting the Crossbow he dropped since our Hunter's are Badge farmers galore.

We moved onto Shade. I was able to turn in the next step of the Attumement chain quest. The quest was starting to mirror the one from Karazhan. The first part was to get Attuned, then the next part was to kill a boss inside. In Karazhan it's Shade, and for Black Temple, it's also Shade, Shade of Akama that is.

My job on Shade is pretty simple. Target the Ashtongue Rogue, and tank him. The first Rogue spawned, and I hit my targeting marcro.

And now in an EXCLUSIVE available only to my reader's, here's a peak at my thought process for the next few seconds.

'Hmmm, that's odd, he's targeting the [Fury Warrior in tank gear] ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM! That doesn't make any sense. Now would you look at that, he just ran past me, despite me banging away on my Judgement key. Resist? Bah, blasted Scrolling Combat Text going too fast. After the mistake of calling Resist on Vashj when it wasn't really a resist, I ain't doing that again.
I wonder where that Rogue is going? He seems to be running towards some totems. Hey, isn't that [Resto Shaman], our completely amazing healer? I better target him manually. /righclick
WARNING! WARNING! He's targeting [Resto]! This could be a bad thing.
Think Hammer! If [Resto] dies, [Feral] tanking the Guardians wont' be far behind and if [Feral] dies, we are on a one way trip to wipe city, population us!
I wonder if he's tauntable? I can't risk that he might be immune. [Resto] is good but he won't last long with an Ashtongue Rogue tearing him to pieces. Well I KNOW he's not immune to Captain America! AVENGER'S ASSEMBLE!!!
/cast Avenger's Shield. Good he's targeting me now. That's right you Aga wannabe, come get a little Holy loving!
Okay, maybe I should have left that last bit off.

The Raid Leader asked in Vent where the Rogue was. I replied that he ran past me, and I was bringing him back. I didn't have another problem the rest of the fight. We zerged down Shade and I watched the 'cut scene'. Quest complete.

Shade of Akama choose to NOT drop the best Tankadin bracers
in the gametil Sunwell. I felt like I was back in Kara, completely at the mercy of the Random Loot table. Of course, I know what's going to happen. I'm going to loot the 'Warrior' itemized bracers from Najentus one week and then, and only then, will Shade drop the Seeker's Wristguards later that same run.

That was to be the end of our raid. I went and turned in my quest and got the final quest in the chain.

Kill Illidan Stormrage.

Only 5 Bosses (I'm counting the Council as one), stand between us and the Betrayer. It won't be this week or even this month, but it is coming.

I can't wait.

Looking Back

1 year ago, I got my Darkmoon Card Vengeance after a 10 minute fight with a Horde Resto Shaman.


Josh said...

"Best tankadin bracers in the game."

Lightbringer from Kalecgos, my dwarfy friend. Screw the seeker's - grab Eternium Shell and then zerg the dragon.

BigFire said...

Good luck on BT. There's some idiot check fight in it (I've personally never seen Gorefiend fight). But it should be fun.

BTW, you do have your badge flame tank gear ready?

Honors Code said...

"BTW, you do have your badge flame tank gear ready?"

I got the gloves and something else, but I've got the badges I need for the whole set. I'm just dying for bank space, so I haven't bought it yet. I guess it would be safe the vendor the Hydross Frost set at this point.