Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot Times

There is no joy at the house of Hammer.
We noticed on Sunday that the house was uncomfortable. I called an HVAC guy to come out and check out our unit. It turns out that a valve that controls the flow of freon into our unit failed and our Air Conditioner was no longer putting cool air into the house. We got home Monday night and the temperature inside our house was 85 degrees. It was still 85 degrees a couple of hours later when Mrs. Hammer and I made the call to move into a hotel for the night.

I live in the state of South Carolina. This is probably the hottest part of the year right now. I don't have a clue how people even function without Air Conditioning.

I jumped on vent to let my raid leader know I wasn't going to be available that night. I had been really excited about getting back into Black Temple and hopefully starting to work on Gurtogg Bloodboil. Hopefully, it won't be long before I'm back at it.

Looking Back

Last July, I made an entire Blog post about whether or not I wanted to continue running Honors as my main or level up a Warrior tank. Many Paladins at that time were just getting tired of the constant uphill battle we fought for acceptance as Raid Tanks. As you might have guessed, I decided to stick it out with Honors, and I am really glad that I did. Today, a year later in the 20/20 of hindsight, I feel like I made the right choice.

It's ironic that as I look to the next Expansion, the same thoughts and fears echo in my head. I know have a level 54 Warrior. I wonder if that would have changed my decision back then.

The other ironic message from that post was wondering if I'd leave Heroes or we'd kill Gruul. Of course, about 3 months later, I did say my goodbye to Heroes. Then I wound up subbing in and tanking for their Progression kill of Gruul, so in an odd way, I did both.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya bro I live in TX and our A/C doesn't work for crap