Monday, July 28, 2008

Paladins in Wrath

I was talking with a couple of Dominion's Paladins last night about the Wrath changes and someone asked "Where are you getting all this information"

So here are my sources:

Joanadark on Paladins in WotLK

Lore on Paladins in WotLK

There you will learn from Lore and Joanadark, the Jedi Masters who instructed me.

Siha at Banana Shoulders on Beta

Change is afoot (more just a straight reprint of Beta Patch notes)

Kaziel's at Kaziel's Thoughts


Rohan at Blessing of Kings

WotLK Beta - Protection

WotLK Beta - Judgements

WotLK Beta - Judgements II

WotLK Beta - Holy Builds

Salvation's End

Maintankadin has an entire board dedicated to Wrath of the Lich King


Anonymous said...

I must say, I am really looking forward to tanking in Wrath. The more I think about it (and continue to play in tBC) the more I dislike our current setup. (Our dynamics not our actual play) The reliance on spell damage gear (we use an unstable flask of the sorcerer!?) does not fit as well into my notions of paladins. I am excited to use strength as a stacking threat stat. Fits much better with my perceptions of paladins (strength was Arthas' main attribute in WCIII). I can't wait to try out the new tree, hopefully they figure out what we tell them and trim the bloat a little.

Galoheart said...

When I talk to people in my Guild, they just clueless at most the time asking me where i get my Info about WotLK stuff.

I just say: I read stuff all the time. Don't you all read.