Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shattered Sun Dailies

So let's say you just hit level 70. Congratulations! You have extraordinarily good taste and possess high intelligence so naturally you rolled a Paladin. Now that you've hit the level cap, you wish to pursue a course of putting yourself between your friends and the large scary demons and dragons that want to have them for lunch.

You have a couple of basic needs. You need gold, and you need better gear. The Shattered Sun reputation rewards include a really nice shield, and an excellent neck, so you'd love to get some reputation built with the Shattered Sun.

The very best way to spend your in game time may very well be Daily Quests on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

Daily Quests often entail killing mobs, and for all the strengths of the Protection Paladin when we are grouped, we do give up some ability for soloing.

But fear not, brave reader, for I, Knight-Lieutenant Honorshammer, Hand of A'dal, am here to help.

Aside: Am I the only one who thinks the Hand of A'dal title is a little strange considering that A'dal doesn't have.....well....hands?

Rule #1 Pick Your Battles

You are allowed 25 Daily Quests per day. There are way more than 25 possible quests to do. I try to stick to quests that don't require me to actually kill anything. Instance Quests (Heroic and Normal), Gathering quests, Bombing Runs, and Activity Quests are the ones I try to concentrate on. I'm going to talk about the individual quests at the end.

Rule #2 Make Friends

When you do have to do a Daily Quest that requires you to kill mobs, try to do them with a friend or two. The quests go much faster. Grouping with a DPS will obviously kill stuff quicker, but even grouping with a Healer you get quicker mana back from Spiritual Attunement.

Rule #3 Power Up

You should make a set of gear for Soloing, and it shouldn't be your tanking gear. This gear can be leather, mail, heck even cloth. The stats you are looking for are Spell Damage, Intellect, Mana per 5, and some more Spell Damage. If you are on a PVP server, you want some good ole stamina in there as well. The 2pc Tier 4 bonus is excellent for soloing.

Rule #4 Rotation

So you have to kill a mob and you have to do it solo. Remember Rule#1 and try to pick quests that have you killing Demons or Undead as you have a couple of extra attacks that work against them.

When I'm about to engage a mob, I always use Retribution Aura.

Normally what I do is Seal of Crusader and Holy Shield. Then I Avenger's Shield and Judgement. If I have the 2pc Tier 4 on, I'll Seal of Righteousness, but if I don't, I'll go Seal of Vengeance. If it's a Demon or Undead, I'll throw in Exorcism and start the Seal, Judge, Seal rotation. I tend to only use Holy Shield if Redoubt proc'ed and I only use Consecration if I have 2 or more on me.

The next mob usually gets Judgement of Wisdom depending on how much mana I have.

Rule #5 Rations

Regardless of what you do, you will be drinking. Buy the Naaru Rations and chow down.

Rule #6 Know The Quests

Remember these are only the Shattered Sun Quests. There are still dailies in Ogril'la (bombing run, Simon Says), Netherwing (though most are pretty annoying as a Prot Paladin), and Skettis (Bombing Run).

Highly Recommended

  • The Air Strikes Must Continue (bombing the Dead Scar) - This is a bombing run. You don't need to kill anything and it's a fairly quick quest. Bind the bombs to one of our main keys (I put it on my 1 key where Holy Shield usually is). Spam the key and click to drop bombs. I can usually finish the quest in one pass.

  • Open For Business (gathering Bloodberries) - Run around, and gather berries. Quick, easy and not killing required.

  • Know Your Ley Lines (click an item at the portals) - Run up to the portal and click it. Being it or put into combat does not prevent you from getting the quest done. It's also very handy to have a free port back to Shat for when you are finished.

  • The Multiphase Survey (click an item in Nagrand) - This has to be one of the my favorites. Put on the goggles and click them 6 times.


  • Keeping the Enemy at Bay (bombing the boats and killing blood elves) - Bombing the boats is easy and the Blood Elves are able to be AoE'ed down. Not a bad quest at all and if you can find a whole ship full of Blood Elves, you can get it done fairly quickly. I usually swim over to one of the other boats than the one with the flight point.

  • Further Conversions (killing Sentries and converting them) - The robots die pretty quick, but aren't close enough to AoE. It's best done with a DPS friend.

  • The Battle Must Go On (kill demons and put a banner in the Emissary of Hate) - Killing Demons is a Paladin speciality. Try to pick the winged demons and not the multi-armed girls or the big fire guys. The winged demons do a Warstomp (stun) and then do an AoE. As soon as you are stunned, start spamming your Consecrate key. When the stun wears off, you'll drop a Consecrate and get away from him as fast as you can. The demon will stand there in your Consecrate spamming away on his AoE. You can either Avenger's Shield or Exorcism from range.

  • Ata’mal Armaments (kill Orcs in Shadowmoon Valley) - The Orcs can be AoE'ed. Keep an eye out for the elite or if you are well geared just AoE him too.

  • Rediscovering Your Roots (kill Flayers for a drop, use drop to tame a pet, use pet to get roots) - The Flayers are essentially dual weilders so Retribution Aura, Blessing of Sanctuary, and Holy Shield really help.

Skip It

  • Arm the Wards! (killing the Wretched for mana remnants) - The mobs burn mana, and the drop rate can be horrid. You get the impression these mobs were made with annoying us in mind.

  • Don’t Stop Now… (kill Myrmidons for keys and gather ore from locked chests) - You've got a better chance against the Myrmidons than you do against the Sirens, but the drop rate on the Ore can be really bad. If you have the bag space/quest log space, just kill the ones that aggro you as you are working towards the portal and keep the ore. Over the course of a day or two you'll have enough to complete the quest.

  • Disrupt the Greengill Coast (kill Sirens for orbs and free murloc slaves) - Casters, don't you love them. Like the Myrmidon quest, just kill the ones you have to for the portal and do the quest over a couple of days.

  • Crush the Dawnblade (kill Blood Elves) - The Hunter type mobs are pretty easy to AoE, but the Warlocks are a pain. Avengers Shield to hit the Warlock and his pet. When its in the air, target the Imp, and nail him right after it hits. This is another one I do over the course of a couple of days, killing on those I aggroo when I go to get the portal reading for "Know Your Ley Lines"

  • Maintaining the Sunwell Portal (Kill Etheral for device, use device, gather stuff while fending off Worms) - I found this quest somewhat annoying, so I've only done it a handful of times, and each time with a DPS friend.

  • Sunfury Attack Plans (Kill blood elves) - Choose your targets well. Magisters are casters, you don't want to mess with those. Give yourself a definite time/kill limit. If it hasn't dropped, try again later. Also, as soon as you zone into Netherstorm start asking in General if anyone else is doing the quest. If it drops for anyone in your party everyone can loot it.

  • Blood for Blood (Kill Demons, use item on Blood elves) - The Demons go down rather faster, but the Blood Elves can be annoying.

  • Blast the Gateway (kill Fire elementals) - We can't block Elemental attacks so don't bother with Holy Shield. Fire Aura helps a little.


lethal said...

Sunfury Attack Plans (Kill blood elves)
I find this one to be rather easy actually.
Just fly up to the mana forge nearest to Area-52 and fly around until I find a large group of Sunfury Geologists. They are melee and have no casters anywhere around.
Then i am able to pull up to 20 mobs, including blood wardens and other dudes.
They are all melee.
Only once have i not gotten the plans in one AoE pull, and always many signets.

Honors Code said...

I'll have to try that Lethal.

Anonymous said...

There are also three camps around Mana Forge B'naar that are entirely Blood Wardens and Captains. If those are being camped, you can go to the east side of Mana Forge Coruu, where it is possible to pick up a dozen Blood Wardens with a single pull and there are several geologist pulls in the area as well.

Tegoelf said...

I actually have no problem with the attack plans either. i use my tanking gear, judge/seal wisdom and AOE the crap outa em. eventually some will run. i let it happen they just bring more of their friends to die. i also find that the casters burn through their mana quick enough to just come in and try melee. this is much fun. Note i have over 500 spell damage, and am a hair under 16k unbuffed.