Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spending Spree

Here For The Gear managed to go 6-7 this week, an improvement over our intial week of 3-8. We more than doubled our win total while losing 1 less game and playing 2 more games than last week. We finished with a rating of 1412.

We started out really poorly at 0-5, then we started clicking and went 6-2.

For those of your not in the know, Here For The Gear is my 2v2 Arena team consisting of Honorshammer as a Retribution Paladin and my friend Lakini on his Shadowstep Rogue alt, Homerjay.

Over the week since our intial forary into arena I had worked on Honorshammer Ret PVP gear. I had been sitting on points for about a season because I never knew if I should get the Ret gear or the Holy gear. After trying Holy and then trying Ret, I much prefered Ret. So I bought the Season 4 Gloves, the Season 3 Chest and the Season 3 Legs.

I was grinding Battlegrounds pretty hard for some honor points.

As Friday night rolled around, I had a choice infront of me. Spring for the Vindicator's Ring which would replace the last 'blue' item in my set or upgrade from the Hammer of Naaru to the Merciless Gladiator's Bonegrinder. After much thought and deliberation (and asking just about everyone in the vent channel), I decided to go with the Ring. I will continue grinding honor for the Mace.

With all the gear I bought, I achieved the 4 piece set bonus which gave me 35 more resilience and reduced the cooldown on Hammer of Justice. Our first week, I had 48 Resilience. This week, I was at 197. I wasn't quite as squishy, although I still died quite frequently.

I had intended to write out a little summary of each match, but the matches were coming fast and furious and I lost it. I may try that again next week. (How BRK did it, I'll never know). One thing about Rogue/Ret, the matches are quick.

I am really enjoying Arena with Lakini/Homerjay. It's a nice break from tanking.

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