Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes, I've Seen Them

Yes, I have seen the new Wrath of the Lich King talents. My brain is on overload trying to assimilate all the information and it's likely to change once or twice before it's final form.

Based on what I know right now, I see every reason to continue Honorshammer as my main in Wrath of the Lich King.

I've spent so much time reading about stuff, I really don't have time to post.

One of the posters on Maintankadin summed up the situation pretty well.

When all is said and done:

Paladins vs Warriors:

Both got outstanding "offtanking utility"
Warriors get to give a 6sec shield wall every 30sec to one target.
Paladins get to give the entire raid 30% less dmg for 12sec every 4mins.

Warriors got AoE improvemnts:
Bloodbath + Thunderclap + Shockwave = 4-5target aoe tanking.
Paladins got Single target tanking improvements for almost every warrior equivalent.

Warriors get 4% less dmg still, but block a LOT less
Paladins take 4% more dmg, but block even more reliably than before.

We may have finally become equal but differently flavored tanks.

Tolken - Valeo - Khaz Modan (US)


Galoheart said...

Yeap entirely different flavor. I still wish they would fix Redoubt!

I guess you cant ever get everything one wished for, still can only hope. But we did get some nice changes for the entire class as a whole.

As for Devine Guidance, I for one won't have it in my Tank Build. Don't have enough talent points and I usually MT stuff so sure wont be using it while MTing. I can see a Holy Pally or a Ret Pally with it more so than a MT with Devine Guidance for utility talent.

Still hope Blizz can fix Redoubt.

Nilum said...

Hey HH, just a little thought experiment having to do with the Touched by the Light (30% Stam becomes spell damage) talent.

Using warcrafter I found that your current spell damage with the Hammer of Judgment (and +40 spell damage enchant) is ~479.
With Touched by the Light and your current weapon you'd get 505 spell damage.

If you replace your mace with The Brutalizer off of Supremus, you get 1550 Stamina, which comes out to 465 spell damage without the +40 enchant, leaving you the option of spell damage or maybe Mongoose. This also leaves you with a much higher dps weapon for Hammer of the Righteous, the prot 51 point, and more expertise and defense.