Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aoesrus Versus Shadow Lab

Heroic Shadow Lab, the story of a mage

whose gone to the dogs.

My good friend, Aoesrus, sent me this screen shot of him in Heroic Shadow Labs last night. I don't know I think it's an improvement on his looks.


Egamamai said...

Sorry, pet peeve, but it's Shadow Lab (singular), not Shadow Labs (plural). "Lab" is short for "labyrinth", not "laboratory".

As for spellstealing that buff, while it's fun I haven't determined whether it's that useful to do so. You can't cast spells with the buff on, and, as a Mage, you do a lot more magical damage with your spells than you can in that form. So the only real reason to steal it is to immediately dismiss it, in which case you might as well have a Priest Dispel or a Shaman Purge...

Adlib said...

I have to say that as a mage, the first time I went in there was with a bunch of my guildies who had been there before me. They were all, "steal it! steal it!" I did, and I guess I wasn't as amused as they were because of the reasons mentioned in the above post. Plus, the mob isn't in that form for long so...not much time to even steal it.