Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bye Bye Bloodsky

Bloodsky, the most progressed raiding guild on Altar of Storms has shut down. Longtime readers will no doubt recall my brief 1 week stay as a member of Bloodsky.

There was a post made on our Realm Forum and much drama has ensued. It appears to have been a combination of events that led to the leadership of Bloodsky deciding to call it quits.

Summer had taken its toll on Bloodsky and several of their key members were decreasing their playtime either due to a growing lack of interest in the game or real life matters coming to the forefront.

Bloodsky also mentioned the difficulty of recruiting on our server. Altar of Storms is listed as a medium population server. Despite a large number of Kara guilds, we have very few raid guilds. Bloodsky was the only Sunwell guild, Alliance side, on our server. Dominion, my guild, was the only Tier 6 guild, along with Manus Domini. Manus Domini, and Mal Katai (my former guild) is making the transition from Tier 5 to Tier 6. Bloodsky was going to need transfers, or they would have had to start poaching players from those guilds. Para Bellum was a new guild, but I’m not sure where and what they are raiding. Bloodsky officer’s simply got tired of the near constant process of recruiting, gearing people up, and teaching them the fights.

While this does put Dominion as the most progressed guild, Alliance side, on our server, there was no celebrating last night. It is always sad to see another guild pull the plug on their raiding operations. Whatever you might have thought about Bloodsky, ultimately, they were just players, passionate about the same game we are.

We had a guild meeting to discuss Bloodsky’s end and how it was going to affect Dominion. Some of Bloodsky’s players are looking to transfer off, while others will invariably come knocking on the door of Dominion, Mal Katai, and Manus Domini.

There is a natural concern that these more progressed and better geared players will displace some of our current raiders. Let’s face facts, they were in Bloodsky because they enjoyed raiding and because they were at the Sunwell level, they outgear most of us.

Our Raid Leader tried her best to quell the concerns that people had. In truth, we are all dealing in the hypothetical because no one from Bloodsky has joined Dominion.

My biggest concern was that there might be a move to change our raid times. The biggest reason I left Bloodsky was that I couldn’t get on early enough to make their raids. I addressed the concern to the officers of Dominion and there is no plan to change our raid schedule. Whew!

How I feel, and what I said during our guild meeting is that it comes down to trusting our officers. Whatever disagreements I may have had with Vlad during my initial time in Dominion, I am convinced she will make the decisions based on what is best for the raid. She has brought us this far, and done an excellent job, giving of her time to help us get organized and keep us on track.

We simply have to trust her to try to do what is best for the raid. We have to trust that she will do the right thing. She likes every person in the raid and truly wants to do what is best for them. Some nights, she will have more raiders than slots, but other nights, like Monday, she might have more slots than Raiders. It’s a tough gig she’s got.

My biggest concern as I voiced my opinion was that people would think I was just trying to curry favor (suck up, kiss butt) from Vlad and the officers. That wasn’t the case. What I said was truly how I felt. Either we trust Vlad to make decisions that are best for all of us, or we don’t.

After the meeting we formed up our raid for Mount Hyjal. We were starting late so a full clear wasn’t going to be possible, but we did manage to one shot the first four bosses. We finally, after I don’t know how many weeks and weeks of kills got an Unbreakable Will to drop. I was really happy for Kee, our Main Tank Warrior.

The mood in the raid was fairly light and everyone seemed to be having a good time.


Galoheart said...

Whenever a top guild dies, falls apart or transfer it affects the entire server and the guilds above or below it. Its amazing how guilds can be interconnected yet not in obvious ways to everyone.

On Horde side on my Server there is Currently no "Sunwell Guild" anymore. Their was a Guild "A Team" that was the most progressed guild on my sever full T6 already wiped BT out and was bored waiting on Sunwell.

When Sunwell came out in patch 2.4 they promptly started on that all the unlocks. Its was also start of summer starting and its effects loomed. People stop showing up for that guild due to summer and Brutallas they had problems with.

Eventually Brutallas killed the guild and that guild leadership just called it quits in frustration. They were the most progressed on our server Horde side by a full teir.

Instead of staying around most those raiders skipped server to other servers. Was a vaccum left on Horde side after they all left. The other guilds were just starting BT of which they are now only 3 guilds at that. In all there guilds i know people and some i helped gear up running Heroics.

I knew people in "A Team" the guild that fell apart. They were a source of mats, crafting from members that had unique rare patterns for the server and such since T6. My best healing friend was in the Guild the crazy Resto Shammy who would run speed heroics all day long. He would always want me to tank his speed heroic run for Badges for > Gems & Nether Vortexes > Selling Epic gear he craft and gemmed to sell which he made a bunch at since he had lots of patterns from T5 & T6 in BT.

When that guild fell apart I no longer had my Resto Shammy friend, he too skipped server. And i don't know any healer around that crazy as he was either. The guy was just pure fun on Heroics. So they was no longer a crazy Resto Shammy on the server who would adv in trade want warm bodies to run speed heroics.

The guy was a damn good healer, arrogant sometimes yes too. He could heal a non CC Heroic Full throttle and DPS at the same time. I know I was in his heroics tanking and I was amused at times tanking mobs and seeing the guy dps right next to me and wonder who was still healing. But he was in that guild.

But all the other guilds suffered when that one Sunwell guild fell apart. Instead of having full experienced Raiders around from T6 they were gone to other servers because they were bored as they say on content.

Was a loss for the entire server Horde side but it affected lots of people that had made friends with people in the guild before it fell apart as well.

Thus when such things happen its bad for the people in the guild it happens to, bad for the other guilds behind. Bad for the server progress, mats, pattens, crafting etc as well as the people that had friends there. Yes they were ego and emo about their progress as well in trade but they were the top teir guild.

Experience now loss to the server when everyone now transfers to other servers. New people on server now ask, "How come only guild just in BT and server not more progressed" Well the Sunwell progressed guild died long ago and your just late to the server.

Ardent Defender

Anonymous said...

a quick amendment to your post. Manus is not as far as Dominion in Hyjal, but the only thing in BT that Dominion has done that Manus has not is killed Teron Gorefiend, which will most certainly happen soon (learning to press buttons=not that hard). Manus killed Akama for the first time almost a month before this post, so they are in a bit more than a transitional state and should not be so closely compared to Mal Katai, who (no offense) has just barely downed Naj'entus and I am pretty sure is still working on Anetheron. So while they fit the transitioning into T6 content description, Manus is more progressed than that.

***No Flaming meant by this message, just didn't want anyone to take the Manus/Mal Katai comparison too literally****

*******Ohh and Para Bellum wipes on VR trash*****

****But seriously, im concerned about this server too, its going to be a sad state if there is no guild in Sunwell on Ally side, there was already around a 500 US guild difference between Bloodsky and Cynosure, if stuff doesn't get fixed this server is going to be in a really crap state Ally/Horde balance wise***

Honors Code said...

I apologize for misclassifying Manus. I honestly don't keep that close a watch on server politics beyond my own guild.