Monday, August 18, 2008

The Glove Enchant Question

One of the most difficult decisions to make as a Protection Paladin comes in the area of Glove Enchants. There are two enchants that appear to be strong choices for adding threat: 20 spell damage, and 2% more threat.

So which one is superior for a Paladin tank?

Luckily, those fine folks over at Maintankadin have the skinny on this question. Check out the entire thread here:

The thread actually examines every possible enchant you could put on your gloves.

For the cliff notes version : 2% threat will grant you more aggro than +20 spell damage as long as you are generating more than 500 TPS.

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Zanathos said...

Thanks for making this blog post, helped me find the article i was googling for ^.^