Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Soul'd Out

I was running a little late last night. When I logged in, I found the raid already formed. After a couple of nervous minutes wondering if I was going to raid, I received my invite.

We were going for a progression kill on Reliquary of Souls, and I would be front and center as the Main Tank for Phase 3. What mattered most was threat generation so we could kill Essence of Anger before it killed us.

I’m rather annoyed that all the Essences you fight in Reliquary of Souls are uncategorized mobs. If they were Demon/Undead, I could use Exorcism on them which would be an added nuke for more threat. But that is out of my control. It was time to worry about those things that were within my control.

I had my Destruction Potions ready, and I had gone for Threat with both my food, Blackened Basilisk, as well as my Flask, Flask of Blinding Light. (I’d like to say a big thank you to Lakini of Heroes Inc for making my Flask for me).

This raid, instead of sporting my usual 0/49/12 spec, I went with the Worldli Threat Special, 0/40/21. This spec sacrifices Avenger’s Shield and Ardent Defender in favor of Sanctity Aura.

Using multiple Auras is an important part of defeating Reliquary of Souls. During the trash gauntlet, I have Retribution Aura on for AoE threat. Then I switch to Devotion Aura in Phase 1 and Phase 2 to reduce damage to the tanks. I waited until we were moving into Phase 3 to unveil Sanctity Aura.

All through Phase 2, I was mentally going over my rotations, and how I would handle the first few crucial moments of Phase 3.

As we moved from Phase 2 to Phase 3, I got into position and made sure I already had Holy Shield and Seal of Righteousness going.

I judged Essence of Anger and dropped my Consecrate. I waited for what seemed like an eternity for my Judgment cooldown to come back around. I hit my Destruction potion and popped my wings.

I never hit the stupid high burst I had gotten with Avenger’s Shield, but my sustained threat was much better.

Because of where I had picked up EoA, I was actually behind the little box where they come out. I'm under there somewhere I promise!

I don't know how well you will be able to read the threat meter. At that particular moment, I'm producing 1600 TPS, and I'm 16k above the closest DPSer. It was only after the kill that I noticed I forgot to pop my Crimson Serpent (it's not on cooldown) during the fight. So I know I can produce even more threat that I did.

I was totally locked into the Boss, my rotation and the threat meter. I could hear the vent chatter but it seemed like it was a million miles away. Everything faded into background as I watched my mana, health, and cooldowns. It was awesome, and a bit nerve wracking as well.

By the time I looked up, EoA was already at 10%. I slammed a Health pot, and my Healthstone. Half the raid was dead. I got the low hit point warning from Xpearl, so I used my Lay On Hands.

And then it was over. Reliquary of Souls was dead. On our 3rd pull of the night, we had defeated the 6th boss in the Black Temple. I breathed a deep sigh of relief.But our night was far from over. We had had an ongoing debate on whether or not the door to Mother Sharaz would open when we killed Reliquary and Bloodboil, or if we would need to kill Terron as well.

We went down and saw the door was open, so we took a break and distributed the Shadow Resist gear we had been holding for what felt like months.

Unfortunately, the door we found was NOT the door the Mother. Her door was rather stubbornly closed.

So we pulled to Terron Gorefiend.

For the first time in Dominion’s history, Terron was a one shot. Kee was able to get the Gloves of Enforcement off of him. They are an excellent threat piece for Warriors.

If you don't have your Tier 6 gloves from Azgalor, they would likely be an upgrade for Paladin's as well due to the Expertise and Block Value. However, if you are killing Terron, I have to think that your guild is also killing Azgalor or close to it. The Tier 6 gloves for Paladins are excellent, and I would save your DKP for them instead.

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BigFire said...

As you guys finds out, the door to Mother will not open until Najentus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, Bloodboil, RoS, and Gorefiend are all dead.

Mother is a check on 2 things: how many Heart of Darkness have you gathered and idiot check for people getting Fatal Attraction.