Thursday, September 4, 2008


Honors Code (the very blog you are reading at this very moment) has been selected for Alltop. Yeah!!

What is Alltop? I'm glad you asked, because I asked too.

Gina Ruiz, the charming representative of Alltop summed it up this way "We created Alltop to provide an 'online magazine rack' for people who do not use RSS feeds."

What is so cool to me is seeing my blog included with all these other fantastic blogs I've followed. There's BigRedKitty (who was my own inspiration for Blogging), Blessing of Kings, and World of Matticus. It is truly an honor to be considered in that company.

Project Lore is up there as well.

I was actually approached by Project Lore about writing a Paladin guide, but I turned them down. They sent me what amounted to a form email and was fairly cryptic. But the real deal breaker for me was I would have to provide them with my Social Security number for a W2 (yes, these people were crazy enough to offer to pay me). I just wasn't comfortable giving that kind of information, so I turned them down. In hindsight, I probably should have written the article and just asked to not be paid.

Perhaps I'll get another opportunity at some point in the future.


Galoheart said...

Gratz on being selected. You run a very good blog. Much Deserved.

Darraxus said...

Grats Honors. You are one of my favorite bloggers.