Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Opportunity In the Spotlight

Dominion went back to Black Temple last night. At the same time we were forming up, Mal Kati was also forming up their raid. I felt like a guy at a party when his ex-girlfriend walks in. Everyone in Mal Katai was super nice and a couple of guys said hello.

We pulled to Najentus, and I had already switched into my healing gear when my Raid Leader announced I would Main Tank for this fight.

I relish every opportunity I get to Main Tank. We may several very skilled and knowledgeable Tanks in our Guild, and each of them does a terrific job when called upon.

The attempt on Najentus wasn't going as smoothly as everyone would have liked and I could discern a level of frustration in the Raid. One of the healers commented that they felt like I was taking more damage than our usual tank.

They said this in a private Healer channel, which they probably didn't think I was monitoring. I offered, in said channel, that the major difference would be if Demo Shout or Thunderclap were not up.

This morning I got a chance to look at the WWS, and Thunderclap was up, but sure enough I couldn't see Demo Shout listed in the Debuffs.

I've been a Protection Paladin for a long time, and this is hardly the first time I've heard the complaint that Paladins take more damage than Warriors. In the past, I would have let this get me angry and probably have caused an issue between me and the healer who made the statement. This time, I decided it was probably just a side effect of everyone being a little stressed over the kill, and aside from my pseudo explanation, I didn't say anything else about it.

I would later learn that my buddy, Araxe (Hunter) from Mal Katai, had scored the Halberd of Desolation off Najentus. This guy has been farming for a Trollbane forever, so I was really happy for him to get the Halberd. The funny thing is that Dominion still hasn't seen a Halberd drop (or Tide Stompers, QQ).

We moved on to Supremus.

At one point, our healers got cut off from the Tanks and we lost Kee (Warrior) who was Main Tanking him. Supremus has two Phases that he shifts between during the fight and drops aggro between each Phase.

My normal course of action on Supremus is to not actively work to pull aggro from the Main Tank on Phase shifts. It is easier on the Healers to not have to be switching through multiple Main Tanks during the Phase shift. What I noticed was that for whatever reason, sometimes Supremus would eat a DPS or Healer before he got on the Main Tank. When that happened, I went into full aggro build mode to try to get him off the Healer/DPS. I was too late, and we lost them, but a couple of times I ended up pulling aggro and Main Tanked him for a Phase.
Our next target was Reliquary. On the way, I whispered the Healer who had made the earlire comment about me, wishing him luck on getting a drop I thought he wanted. It turns out he really didn't want to the drop, but I could tell from our conversation, that everything was cool between him and I. He may have been oblivious to my reaction to his comment, which would be a good thing.

We two-shot Reliquary mainly because our DPS was overly cautious on not killing themself on Phase 2. You get a percentage of the damged you do reflected back to you, and a big crit or two can easily kill you.

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