Monday, September 29, 2008

Anything Biting?

I spent some time this weekend getting Honorshammer working on one of my pre-Wrath of the Lich King goal.

The Goal: 375 First Aid, Cooking, and Fishing

First up was First Aid. I had planned on AoEing my way through various mobs to drop cloth and level my first aid from where it was at 225 all the way up to 375.
Luckily for me, I ran into a couple of old friends, Saisuke and Rika who were kind of enough to gift me much of the cloth I needed to level up to 330. From there, I used a stash of Netherweave I had on banks and alts to finish the grind to 375. So, I now have maxed out First Aid.
My cooking is sitting at 366, and to finish leveling it up, I need high level fish, which comes from Fishing.
My fishing was sitting at 306. I did the fishing Daily's and got the Weather Beaten Journal (which allows you track Fish on your mini map) and the Weather Beaten Hat (which increases your fishing skill).
I spent time in Stormwind, Nagrand, and Terrorkar catching fish and skilling up. I managed to get from 306 to 321. I still have a ways to go. I'm storing most of the fish I catch on a bank toon for my Hunter and Warrior when they need to level up Cooking, but I sent some of the fish to the Dominion's bank to use for Raids.
At the same time, I did some dailies to cover my respec costs so I could be Ret for PVP and soloing.
I don't know if I've mentioned it, but my plan right now is to stick with Engineering and Jewelcrafting. I will reevaluate once I get closer to the level cap again.


argent said...

I don't know if you've noticed this (since you haven't maxed fishing, I'm guessing not), but with the new fishing daily, it's really easy to get +100 skill lures. Combine that with the fishing pole from a level-63-ish quest in Shattrath, and you can get about +120 fishing skill, which should let you fish most places in Outland, except the Terokkar lakes (you'll get mostly misses there). The +100 lures are BoE, so you can probably find them cheap on the Auction House, or you can do the daily and hope to get a Eye of the Sea. (+15 stam gem)

You can make some good money selling the fish from various pools:

Zangarmarsh: random goods from debris pools, +8mp5 sporefish pools.

Terokkar: golden darter (+44 healing) from pools.

Both of these places also have a chance to land an Enormous Feltail, which makes 5 "fisherman's feast" (+30 stamina)

Nagrand is the real gem, though; both the rivers (lower skill needed) and the lakes contain the following 3 types of nodes. If no one has been fishing them recently, it's quite possible that nodes are backed up and more will spawn as you fish them, so fish up even the ones you probably won't be using yourself...
Mudfish (+20 agility)
Bluefish (+23 spell damage)
Pure Water (Motes of Water)

Barrhona said...

Another "easy" way to level up your cooking those last few points is via the cooking quest. Just get the Barrel of Fish reward and there are usually fish in there you can use (i.e. Crawdads, Huge Spotted Feltail, Huge Barbed Gill Trout).

Granted, if you are fishing anyway you will likely get them, but still!

Michael C. Smith said...

Not sure if you know about this site El's Extreme Anglin' but it was awesome to help me get my fishing and cooking maxed in no time at all!

Good luck to you!

Darraxus said...

I just got the last point of fishing this weekend as well. I went to Nagrand and fished for quite a while. Ended up with 26 mudfish, 29 bluefin, and 66 trout. I gave all the trout to a hunter buddy for his pet and put the rest on the AH.

Kanye said...

It is possible to get cooking to 375 without fish now - two meat recipes were added in a later patch (2.3?). You can buy the recipes in Toshley's station in BEM. Plus, if you're doing the cooking dailies, you'll need the recipes for one of the quests.