Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beer Me

Raid is called off. Now what to do?

Drink, and drink heavily.


I rode down to Ironforge and picked up the Brewfest quests.

I defended the Brewfest camp against the Dark Irons. I refuse to call those traitorous louts Dwarves. I rode the Brewfest Ram and put it through it’s paces, and I picked up a quest to dispose of Coren Direbrew in Black Rock Depths.

I haven’t been to Black Rock Depths since I was doing my Onyxnia Key stuff back at level 60. (Note for Horde readers: Alliance have a long quest chain that involves BRD for our Onynxia Key, or at least we did before Blizzard removed the Onyxnia key).

I saw a group doing a LF Tank for Brewfest in trade chat. I whispered them and chuckled to myself. They think they were getting RandomPaladinTank, but they were getting one of the better geared Paladin tanks on our server.

The Horde were camping the entrances to the zone. Do they really have nothing better to do? See the kind of ‘fun’ you miss out on being on a PVE server. I would have made it in but our healer had not changed it off of Heroic so I couldn’t zone in.

I was not entirely happy.

Anyway we zone in and take the Drilling Device down to the Bar. It reminded me of something out of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. I appreciate that Blizzard didn’t make us fight our way all the way down to the Bar; it’s not a short trip.

You have to talk to Coren to aggro him, and his 3 flunkies. Actually you insult him. I was only too happy to oblige.

You fight him for a little while and he summons his two daughters. One of them stuns you, and Coren runs off. You walk around like you were scatter shot with a big barrel on your head, it’s pretty funny.

Most times by the time this happened he was almost dead. The PVP trinket will NOT get you out of the stun.

He is listed a level 73 (not a ?? Boss). I was actually thankful he could crush because dropping Holy Shield and getting a crush was about the only way I was getting any decent mana back. He hits very weak. Just to give you an idea, he crushes for about 1200.

The healer of the group was a tastefully named Paladin called Honorable. He relized he had a decent tank, so we rotated in various DPS and ended up killing Coren about a dozen times.

We would go to Ironforge and say “Tank and Healer LF3DPS for Brewfest” and get 7 to 10 tells almost immediately.

I saw 2 Swift Brewfest Rams, which I won one. I saw a Swift Brewfest Kodo, but lost the roll. I saw every one of the trinkes he drops EXCEPT the dang Coren’s Lucky Coin, which is the one I wanted. . I really do have horrible luck on drops.

I came away with the Healing trinkets and the Brightbrew Charm. It acts like a Healing Stream totem (hp over time). There is another one that summons a Brewmaiden to fight for you, but I didn’t see that one either.

I’ll probably try to do it a couple of more times for the Coin and see if my luck changes, but I hope to be busy raiding most of the week.


Darraxus said...

I ran it once on my Warrior and got the lucky coin. I had apparently dropped about 20 times that day for my guild (people were getting sick of it). I brought my Warlock in for one go and got the stamina trinket with the brewfest barmaid or whatever it is.

I would really like to get the Kodo, but I dont think I can put that much time in when I have other things to do.

Duclama said...

""The PVP trinket will NOT get you out of the stun.""
I believe, however, that bubble will. Since I still run Karazhan, I have a bubble/cancel macro still on my hotbar for Illhoof. Depending on your healer and DPS, it comes in handy.

Honors Code said...

I use that Macro on Nightbane for Fear, what do you use it for on Illhoof?

Duclama said...

If I get Sacrificed. We've been doing Illhoof with me as the only tank - Illhoof, Krilek, Imps, all mine - so if I get Chained, I need to bubble out of it rather than depend on DPS to get me out.

Honors Code said...

I didn't think he Chained his top aggro, i.e. Tank.

Duclama said...

Maybe I'm misremembering, or maybe it's leftover from when my DPS far outgeared me, but I know I've been chained while tanking before. Perhaps I just missed the aggro loss long enough to get chained.

At any rate, the bubble/cancel can help on Direbrew if you really need it. If your group is geared enough that it doesn't matter, it's skippable, but I've been running it with level 66 and 68 guildies on occasion, and the Whirlwind will oneshot a 66 shaman or a 68 druid.

Nibuca said...

WRT the stun. One of the beermaids throws you a beer. If you don't drink it then when she throws you another one you get stunned. Drink the beer. You know you want to.

Bubble does clear the cask on your head.