Friday, September 12, 2008

Come Heal Me

My guild, Dominion has an opportunity for those of the healing persuasion. I'm talking to all you wonderful Holy Priests, Resto Shamans, Holy Paladins and Resto Druids.

And now that you can transfer from PVE servers to PVP servers, we would love to welcome you to Altar of Storms.

Dominion is a PVE focused guild on the PVP server Altar of Storms. We are currently working our way through late Tier 6 with the goal of completing all Tier 6 content before the Expansion. We are currently 5/5 7/9 and have begun working on Illidari Council.

As we are short on time to complete our goals, we would prefer candidates who are already geared for our level of content, but Badge gear (with high level gems and enchants) works well for many classes.

Our raiding schedule is Monday through Thursday, 8pm Server to 12:00am Server. We will on occasion go as late as 12:15am server. Altar of Storms is an EST server.

You can find our website here: Please fill out an app and we will get back to you. Expect to have your gear and spec analyzed by our officer corps, so try to make sure you always log out in your best PVE gear.

If you have specific questions you'd like to ask, feel free to make a level 1 on Altar of Storms and look up Vladimeir, Fares, Thunderbolt, Icifire, Biberon, or Cfchief/Cfcchief.

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