Monday, September 15, 2008

Helpful Macros

I love Macros. They can be really helpful in accomplishing many tasks in game. Most all the Macros I use I got from reading various threads on Maintankadin. It's a fantastic site, and I'd recommend anyone interested in Protection Paladins read the stickies.

Unfortunately, it's been something of a victim of its own success, and as it continues to grow in membership, it starts becoming less and less of a place where passionate Paladin tanks share their knowledge and experiences and more like the WoW General forums from which it used to be a nice escape.

Most of the Macros I use today are Pickup Macros. They are used to help me pickup targets quickly and make up for my 30something years old reaction time.

Halazzi (ZA)

In ZA, I use a macro for picking up the Spirit Lynx during the Lynx Boss encounter.

/targetexact Spirit of the Lynx
/cast [exists] Judgement

The biggest mistake I make with this macro is NOT having a Seal up.

Fathom Lord Karathress (SSC)

This is for tanking Fathom Lord's Hunter, Sharkkis. He can summon one of two pets so you need to be ready for which ever one you are going to get.

/targetexact Fathom Lurker
/targetexact Fathom Sporebat

A'lar (TK)

I use this for picking up the Adds that are spawned during the Al'ar encounter. This works for both Phase 1 and Phase of Al'ar.

/targetexact Ember of Al'ar

I don't use a cast on this because I need to wait for them to come down in Phase 1.

Anetheron (MH)

Anetheron, the second Boss in Mount Hyjal. If I'm not tanking Antheron himself, I'm on Infernals. I found this macro to help me pick them up.

/target [nodead] Towering
/cast Exorcism

I spam that as soon as I see Anetheron casting while trying to run in the general direction of the person targeted.

Azgalor (MH)

Usually I'm on Doomguard duty.I Consecrate on top of the person in case I'm silenced when the Doomguard actually spawns, then I use.

/target [nodead] Lesser Doomguard
/cast Exorcism

Flash Divine Shield

#showtooltip Divine Shield
#show Divine Shield
/cast Divine Shield
/cancelaura [modifier:alt] Divine Shield

If I spam it with alt down, it casts Divine Shield then cancels. With no alt down it stays up. I use this in a couple of ways. For one, it's my Fear break. I hit this Fear is gone and I'm back in action. It's also a debuff remover. Hit this, debuff is gone. Most of the time when I use this, I get aggro back so quick, the party doesn't even know I bubbled.
/use Master Healthstone
This will use the highest Healthstone you have in your bags so you don't need to bind a key for each of the 3 different Healthstones you can get.
Top Trinket Slot:
/use 13

Bottom Trinket Slot:
/use 14

/use 13
/use 14

This is really nice as I'm constantly changing up my Trinkets, but I can keep them bound to the same key/button.
Downrank Consecration
/cast [nocombat] Consecration(Rank 1); Consecration
When you are not in combat it will use Rank 1, and if you are in combat, it will use Max Rank. I use this in Arena (there are a TON of Rogues and Druids in 2s) when I don't see any targets.

Bubble Hearth
/castsequence reset=3600 Divine Shield, Hearthstone
You aren't truly a member of the Paladin class until you pull off that first successful bubble hearth.

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