Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey Beta Folks!



Alerek said...

Awesome dude. You are in for quite the patching process.

Anonymous said...

Please complain to Blizz how bad feral druids are in beta at dps and tanking. Even if you don't notice it. Most of the current beta druids dont seem to mind being the worst dps and worst tanks in the game, as long as they get something shiny to look at.

And since Blizzard doesn't understand druids to begin with, they are happy to keep them as are.

Galoheart said...


Glad you finally got yours. Seem like a lot of people got theirs as well.

Heads up. with all the recent Beta Invites its SEVERELY lagging the servers so just a heads up.

Tip: Transfer all your money from a alt to your main before you transfer and anything you think you will need as well.

Honors Code said...


I don't understand Druids or their issues well enough to give good constructive feedback on them.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, since beta invites are random, a lot of the druids playing druids dont understand the class well enough to give back constructive criticism either, lol.