Monday, September 8, 2008

No Hanna Is Just Fine

From a WoW perspective, there isn't a ton for me to report since my last post.

Working The Hunter

Wednesday was my usual night off.

We went to a party at a friend's house Thursday night, so I knew I would be getting on late.

When I did log in, I found Dominion was in Mount Hyjal. Our Raid Leader was having some internet issues, so Thunderbolt (Warlock) and Fares (Hunter) were leading the run. Cfchief (Paladin) had taken my spot as the Tankadin. He was doing a great job. Previously, he had told me he had been watching my play to pick up some pointers on playing a Protection Paladin. It was really good to know I had helped him. Hyjal is a blast, but sometimes its nice to have a break.

I worked on my Hunter a little bit. He's so close to 70 that I wanted to go ahead and get him over the hump. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm really close.

He exists mainly to be a farmer for my Paladin. Once I hit 70 with him and get his flying mount, The plan is to fly him around and gather mats for Jewelcrafting and Engineering. I'm not entirely sure what if anything I'll do with him outside of that.

Friday was really odd night. We were anticipating the arrival of Tropical Storm Hanna. Thankfully, she turned out to be something of a let down. We never even lost power.

I spent a little bit of time on the Hunter and was actually getting ready to log off when Rika of Mal Katai whispered me to see if I would tank the daily Heroic for her. That night the daily was Heroic Mana Tombs. Did I ever mention how much I hate Heroic Mana Tombs?

Heroic Mana Tombs

Rika and me go way back to running Upper Blackrock Spire together, and I haven't been able to really run anything with her since I left Mal Katai, so I somewhat reluctantly agreed.

It was myself (Prot Paladin), Rika (Priest), Phorius (Hunter), Ddofpain (Warlock), and Sai on his Shaman whose name I'm forgotten. I wonder if Shamans lack the innate threat reduction of some other classes because I noticed him really putting out some strong aggro. I started having flashbacks to trying to hold off with Lakini (Balance druid) back in Heroes days.

Everyone was super nice, and it was fun to be running with Rika and Sai again.

The run felt pretty smooth. I'm not sure what spec Phorius was, but his trapping skills were amazing and he was a big reason the run was as smooth as it was.

The resistance Shield did not drop from the last boss. I don't need it for my resist set as I'm already resistance capped, but having it would provide some options. I'm going to be doing a post soon on my Fire Resist set which is now all set for Flame tanking on Illidan.

Saturday, I logged in for our weekly shot at the ZA Timers. When our attempt went south early, I logged off and waited until it was time for Arena.

2v2 Arena

We are starting to come together a bit as a team, and getting a feel for each other. When we can effectively chain our CCs and burst someone down, it's a lot of fun. We went 10-9 on the night.
We actually got to the team over 1500 for the first time, which was pretty exciting. I already consider the team a success because
a) I'm having fun
b) I'm helping a friend get some Arena points on his alt (granted it's not a ton of points).

We might even be able to push ourselves up to the rating to get Season 4 Legs (1550 Rating).

I'm still have so much to learn about playing an effective PVP Retribution Paladin.

I know my part-time nature with Ret is an element of my struggle. Since I only play Ret on the weekends, I haven't developed as strong a muscle memory and innate feel for my skills as I have with Tanking a Prot.

Since I finally broke the 300 resilience mark, this week I went with a 0/20/41 type build which is a bit heavier on survivability and a little less damage. I think I can be about as successful with 20/41 as I am with 5/11/45.

My partner is now recruiting for a 5s team. I would really enjoy getting a spot on that team, but we will have to see how the schedules work out.

I'm opposite of many people that I meet in game in that my playtime is highest during the Summer (when most people have reduced time), and then contracts during the Winter.


Sunday, I took a little break from Azeroth as two of my favorite outside of WoW activities got started up again.

First was The NFL, where yesterday I renewed my man crush on Jake Delhomme.

Second was the the start of AWANA. It's a great program (something akin to Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts) that my daughter has been in for 3 years and where my wife and I serve as Leaders for the Sparks (K4 - 2nd Grade).

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cfcchief said...

Thanks for the kind words Honor. Watching you tank everything in Hyjal definitely helped me prepare for my shot at it. I especially wanted to say thank you for the macro you gave me during the run for the infernals, it made picking them up super easy.

Speaking of macros, I don’t think you have a section here with tankadin macros. If you had the time it would be a great addition.