Monday, September 15, 2008

Off To The Great White North (Beta Edition)

So Saturday, I decided to trapse off to the frozen north. Not long after logging in I said hi to Fridmarr and Jennsarri, two names I know from the Maintankadin forums. The quickly invited me to their guild, Order of the Silver Hand.
The first stop on my little journey was Stormwind Harbor. While the harbor itself is pretty remininscent of Menthil Harbor some of the architecture surronding the harbor is really nicely done. My personal favorite touch is the giant lion statue that reminds me of the giant panther statues outside of Bank of America stadium.
The boats themselves are beautiful, and as an added bonus you can stay mounted on the boat. Speaking of mounts, it seems like everyone in Beta has a Bear mount.
I took the boat and soon found myself at Valiance Keep. If you've never noticed before, I'll let you in on a little something, every Keep in the game is based off the same model, but not Valiance, This is a brand new model and it's pretty cool.
I ran around and picked up some quests and found the new profession trainers. The only one I couldn't find was the Engineering Grand Master. One of the guys in Order Of The Silver Hand told me that the Grand Master Engineer was only in Dalaran. Apparently, the Grand Master will be in Valiance at some point.
The Jewelcrafting Grand Master had a ton of receipies. The last time I saw my wallet get drained like that was filling up my car this morning. He also had a quest for me to learn Perfect Gem Cutting, whatever that is.
From there I headed outside to do some quests. It seemed some Crypt Fiends had escpaed from Mount Hyjal and were not attacking the Keep. It was up to me and a couple hundread of my closest friends to try to stop them.
Competiton for mobs and quest items was fierce all during my playtime Saturday. I was still questing as Prot and I seemed to be doing just fine. It was hard to compare any of the quest rewards to my current gear because none of them were really itemized for a tank.
I know I shouldn't be questing in a tank spec with tank gear, but I'm trying to get some repetitions in. I anticipate I will have plenty of time to switch to Ret and do some questing as well.
It seemed like the majority of people I ran into were either Hunters or Paladins. I don't much about the Hunter changes in Beta, but man all the new pets they had looked like fun.
One of the quests was bugged to where the mobs would spawn and despawn almost instantly.
I did maybe a half dozen quests before the lag just got to be unbearable. Waiting 3 to 5 seconds for an instant cast just wasn't fun. I managed to get about 10% through towards level 71.
I hopped into the Live realms and did some questing on my Hunter. I finished all the quests in Blade's Edge that I had skipped on Honorshammer. I went straight to Netherstorm at 68 as I had mapped out all the quests that gave you a good starter set for Karazhan. My goal was to get those quests and be ready.
In the course of doing the quests on the Hunter, I dinged 70! I ported him to Shattrah and then Exodar. I had been doing all my old world stuff in Ironforge because I was familiar with it from all my time on Honorshammer. But as Han would say "I don't think they had [Draenai] in mind when they built it". For his big ding, I thought it was appropiate to return to the place where he started, the Exodar.


Nilum said...

Gratz on 70.

john said...

So you are from Charlotte?

I live in Raleigh.

Go Panthers!

Honors Code said...

I'm actually in Charleston, but I've been following the Panthers for a while now.

Muiran said...

There's a grand master engineering trainer at Valgarde in Howling Fjord.