Monday, September 22, 2008

Say Chesse!

I didn't do much over the weekend but one of the really cool things I had a chance to participate in was Beta Paladins Unite!

Basically, we gathered up as many Beta Paladins as we could and went to a cave in the DragonBlight. We had Alliance and Horde Paladins together in the cave and we all got on vent.

On the way there, I ran by a Troll Shaman. I immediately dismounted, sealed up and got ready to be Earthshocked. Only it never happened. The troll stopped, and looked at me (you could almost see him tilting his head as if to question my action.)

Then I noticed, his nameplate was blue and not red.

"You rolled on the PVE Beta Server, noob!"

Thank you voice in my head. (See, Auz, you aren't the only one).

It was really exciting for me to see in game some of the guys who I had talked to over the MainTankadin forums and blogs. Myself, Modus, Mortehl, and of course, Galoheart. I couldn't actually talk to Galo, seeing as he is a mana addicted Blood Elf, but it was cool to see him in game.

So here we are:

Mortehl and I were the only Dwarves. All the other Paladins were either Humans or Blood Elves. The guy on the end is a Death Knight.

After the picture, a couple of guys flagged for PVP. I flagged, threw a Hammer of Wrath at one of the Hordies and executed a textbook Bubble Hearth combination.

Thanks to Mortehl to setting it all up.


Galoheart said...

Yeah sure was fun, don't come around that often being on the same server.

Hammerjudge said...

heh bubble hearth.

Robbo said...

I was bummed I missed this, woulda been another dorf too.