Friday, October 17, 2008

Easy, You Call That Easy

Last night Dominion put together a raid into Black Temple. I think the hardest part of the entire night was finding 25 people who actually wanted to raid.

I was Prot spec, and working on Netherwing Dailies when I got the invite. I used to hate these dailies and rarely did them as Prot. Now Prot soloing is so much nicer, I am doing them again.

Black Temple is now ridiculously easy. We downed 3 Bosses in 90 minutes, and the only reason we stopped was that we started too late, and it was getting onto midnight.

Paladin Blessings are easier to coordinate because we only have 4, but 2 of them are talented. I had to ask each Paladin if they had put talent points in Blessing of Kings. Actually, I should have let the Paladin class officer do that. He was on his Shadow Priest so I had kind of taken over. Nobody said anything to me, so hopefully I didn't upset anyone by overstepping my bounds a little. Eventually we got it all sorted out.

I had so much fun in there. It was great to check out all the new talents and abilities in a Raid environment. I got to use Divine Guardian, and Divine Protection.

I used Divine Guardian on Najentus just as we were about to pop the shield. The melee got hit from less than 6k from the Tidal Shield Burst (normally hits for 8500).

Then on Supremus' trash I had pulled one of the demons and gotten out of range of the healers. I got pretty low and popped Divine Protection. It was so cool to say over vent "popping Shield Wall". With Ardent Defender and Divine Protection going I was in good shape. Then one of the Priests hit me with something that he called 'Wings'. Apparently, it brings you back to half health if you would have died.

Shield Wall and Last Stand were often cited to me as reasons Warriors were better tanks. I was going to real sure everyone in my raid learned I had Shield Wall now.

I had zero threat problems the entire night. I was doing as much, if not a little more than the other tanks in the raid. One big change I had made to my normal mode of operation was I kept Seal of Vengeance up as my seal almost the entire time. With instant Avenger's Shield and CLANG! Hammer of the Righteous, I have plenty of tools for grabbing initial threat without needed Judgment of Righteousness.

I learned a couple of things about CLANG! Hammer of the Righteous. First of all, you can use it while silenced. That was nice.

Second, it WILL break the Sheeps. I'm not too crazy about that.

And lastly, it will put the Vengeance DoT on all three targets it hits. That was pretty cool.

By the way, I kind of dig the sound effect on CLANG! Hammer of the Righteous, though I had expected a more Cleave-like sound to it.

I really wish the Avenger's Shield Glyph didn't require Northrend herbs. I could really use it.

Speaking of Glyphs, the Glyphs on Altar of Storms are varying wildly in price. Glyph of Judgment cost me 30g while Glyph of Righteous Defense only cost me 6g. Meanwhile Glyph of the Penguin, a minor Glyph, was going for between 75g to 175g!

We've only got a couple more weeks before the Expansion. We CAN kill Illidan. We just need to get the people online and do it.


Jacob said...

CLANG! Hammer of the Righteous

I have to admit - I love the clang too. :)

Lethario said...

I'm liking the new found intensity of paladin tanking - more tools and something to use on every GCD.

Minor Glyphs are only discovered through 'research' with 2 caveats: 1. 20 hour cooldown. 2. you are not guaranteed a discovery every time - I got a scroll of recall on my second day :(

You can expect prices for minor glyphs to stay high, and some are likely to continue to be very rare for a while.

Nuff said...

On glyphs:

You WAY overpaid for Judgement...glyphs use either 5 or 10 herbs...that's it. Judgement is liferoot/kingsblood/grave moss/wild steelbloom. It should run about 10g with the current inflated herb prices and 5g in a couple days. Hell there were multiple people on my server the night of the patch offering ANY major glyph, their mats, 10g.

Minor glyphs will be high for a while because they're discovered randomly on a 20 hour cooldown. Honestly expect by the time wrath ships pretty much all glyphs to be 5g or less.

Lakini said...

Grab me in you need someone Honor's and Kingsblood goes for up to 75 gold a stack on our server.

Anonymous said...

Minor glyphs can cost that much simply due to them being so damn rare to find. There's at least half a dozen glyphs per class, 10 classes (at least 60 minors) and you can only research one every 20hrs. Needless to say there's bound to be some that are found much sooner, by much fewer people. It's the same with Levitate (no reagent) on Terokkar, we have people here selling it from 50g to 200g