Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Impressions with Patch 3.0

I decided to go ahead and spec Protection when I got my talents reset last night.

Paladin tanking is much more active now. I literally have no free Global Cooldowns. Every time the Global Cooldown is up, I need to hit something, especially on an Undead/Demon.

Mana was not an issue, despite having less than 4000 mana unbuffed. I was sitting near full the entire time I was actually tanking something.

I need to do my Island daily route and see what is different there.

Not all of my Addons worked, even the ones that had said they were 'WotLK ready'. My biggest problem is OneBag/OneBank is not working. I tried Bagnon, but that didn't work either. With all the stuff I carry in my bags and bank, I need to find a replacement for that quickly.

Pally Power worked fine. ZThreatMeter seemed to work okay. Someone in the raid said Omen was updated to use the Blizzard API like Z so I should check that out.

Tankadin2 worked but all I could see was a huge frame listing out my tank stats and no way to go into options, so I turned it off. This would turn out to be a huge mistake later.

I had to redo all my sets in ItemRack. So far I only did a Tank and Ret set.

I was able to get back to 490 Defense simply by changing out my Ring of the Stalwart Protector for a Ring of Sundered Souls. That was it.

Xperl worked, as did Grid.

Auctioneer, and Fubar had some issues. Fubar didn't load all my plugins. Auctioneer had some dependency issues.

We actually ended up putting together a Magtheridon raid just to check everything out, but it was difficult filling the spots.

We are talking about possibly going to Black Temple on Tuesday.

Tanking the trash seemed very easy. The only time I had a problem was when my mob wasn't marked so I didn't pick it up on the pull. I really wished I had gotten the Glyph of Avenger's Shield to give me a single target pull. If I used my unGlyphed one, I'd pull the entire pack.

Speaking of Glyphs, on Altar of Storms, they go for between 30 to 35g. Not all of them seem to be available. So far I've only picked up a Glyph of Judgement because I can use that no matter what I spec. The aforementioned Glyph of Avenger's Shield is no where to be found.

I actually got tagged to Main Tank Magtheridon (thank you, Vlad!).

I was on the 2nd Channeler, and I wanted to see if I could interrupt Shadow Volley or Dark Mending with my new Hammer of Justice. Unfortunately, I hit my Consecrate key instead. By the next Dark Mending, the DPS was at my target and I couldn't tell if I interrupted it or the Rogues did.

The DBM timers weren't working so I had to wait for Mag to become active with no idea when that would happen. A quick, INSTANT Avenger's Shield and Exorcism and I had him.

The DPS had already finished off the Channelers and tore into the big lizard.

And I lost aggro.

I had never had an aggro problem on the PTR or Beta. What was up.

More like, what wasn't up. Righteous Fury. It had fallen off during the trash. I never realized how much I had needed the Tankadin mod to remind me when it was going down.

I put it up and immediately the threat problems went away. However, Mag had already cleaved the melee and gotten out of position, and cleaved a clicker.

I tried to drag him back to position but it was already too late.

The Raid leader called for a DI when everything just stopped, right in the middle of my casting Hammer of the Righteous.

The server had gone down. After 10 or 15 minutes, we called the raid.

Despite all the problems, we had him down to 36%.

I've got to stop making these silly mistakes when I get a shot at Main Tanking.

I had a lot of fun. I can't wait til the servers get a little more stable.


Nuff said...

The Avengers sheild glyph requires northrend herbs. You won't see it anytime soon.

Honors Code said...


Anonymous said...

Baggins is worth a look:

choose the beta at the top

john said...

I couldn't decide whether to stay prot or not. My ret set is pretty decent and all PVE save for my weapon. All I can say is that finally after 3 years RET is absolutely awesome to behold. With the addition of CC, raid wide auras, and some pretty incredible top tier talents I am going to have to put prot on the backburner.

Anonymous said...

"More like, what wasn't up. Righteous Fury. It had fallen off during the trash"

I can sympathize. Same thing happened to me last night on Prince in our test Karazhan run.

Fortunately, our Paladin OT had picked up a small fortune in new gear during the run and had no problems holding him from 55%.

Anonymous said...

After trying a LOT of bag mods (baggins was my preferred b4 this) I have settled on Combuctor and love it to pieces. It's by the author of Bagnon and it works fine in beta..

i love it to pieces.